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She Means Business- Mini Medics

Would you know what to do n a medical emergency? Do you know how to perform CPR or to put someone in the recovery position? And more importantly, would your children? Mini Medics are an after school scheme based in the North East of England, teaching children basic first aid and CPR through the means of interactive workshops and friendly characters, Annie and Archie, the ‘Medi bears’! This week She Means Business chats to the Mini Medics founder Sarah Llewellyn about all things first aid.

What types of first aid does Mini Medics teach?
Mini Medics is the name of a course operated by my company “Apply Yourself”. We teach the very basics in First Aid.

What age range do you teach this to?
Mini Medics is aimed at children between the ages of 4 – 13 (At 14, a young person can legally acquire an accredited First Aid Certificate which is a recognised qualification)

How many schools does Mini Medics visit?
Mini Medics has only been operating since the end of July 2014, so far, we are contracted to teach First Aid in 27 schools in the North East of England.

What made you start Mini Medics?
Purely by accident. “Apply Yourself” started out by providing First Aid at Work & Emergency First Aid courses to individuals and industry. We also offer Paediatric First Aid courses to childminders, nursery staff etc, but, we also run a large selection of First Aid workshops. One of these workshops is a parenting first aid workshop and on the 10th July 2014, “Apply Yourself” delivered a parenting First Aid Workshop to a group of parents from a Darlington school. Some teachers were taking industrial action that day so the parents had to bring the children along. The children almost took over the course with their questions and desire to join in. At the end of the parenting workshop, all the parents asked if there was such a course for children to attend, of course I said there would be, I went home that evening and spent 7 hours developing the course and the rest is history so to speak.

How does Mini Medics keep the children engaged and entertained throughout a session?
We try as best as we can to cater for all learning styles. We include role plays, one to one discussions, problem solving, verbal question & answer “assessing”, written assessments, team work, individual work and traditional “teaching from the front”. This enables us to ensure children do not have the time to get bored throughout the 90 minute session. We also encourage children to be as vocal as possible, not to sit at desks as we do not want our session to come across as a traditional lesson, more of a “treat”. The children also like to work towards getting their certificate, sticker and bookmark at the end of the course.

What do you think is the most important piece of first aid, which everyone should know?
For a child: How to get help safely then the recovery position. For an adult: How to train themselves to remain calm and assess a situation prior to delivering any first aid. Then checking correctly for breathing.

What do you love most about your job?
I love it when I can physically SEE the children carrying out all the procedures correctly and with confidence. I think it gives them a sense of responsibility.

Have you ever had to use first aid in an emergency?
Yes, I was an air hostess for many years and more recently, was a Search & Rescue operative for HM Coastguard so I have more than my fair share of medical emergencies.

What does the future hold for Mini Medics?
By the end of 2014, I am aiming for 100 schools in the North East to contract us to provide this course to their children. I am also in talks with a medical supply company and we hope to be able to provide Defibrillators and Inhalers to schools.

We are also currently designing an App for parents to download and play the Mini Medic game with the children who have attended a course and finally, we are in the process of writing children’s books which will feature Annie & Archie the “Medi Bears” dealing with a variety of common medical emergencies.

To find out more about Mini Medics you can email them at enquires@apply-yourself.org.uk


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