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She Means Business – The Healthy Girl Guide

Us ladies always have our health on our minds, whether we want to say goodbye to that muffin top, tone up our tummies a bit or just generally be aware of our calorie intake. But it seems living healthily can easily take over our lives, making it impossible to stick to clean living for the long-term. With our waistlines increasing and supplements for faddy diets becoming readily available, it’s easy to get confused about how to really live healthily and keep it sustained!

This week we speak to Cath Riley, the founder of The Healthy Girl Guide. Find out how she stays fit and healthy and why she decided to share her nutritional knowledge to help other ladies who want to ditch bad dieting!

Tell about the idea behind your business:

Whilst I was studying nutrition I became frustrated with the amount of misinformation regarding healthy eating and what constituted it, along with the raft of faddy diets with tenuous health claims.  We are starting to see worrying trends in health obsession and there are some rather remarkable celebrity endorsed diets out there that are not only restrictive but expensive and unsustainable. One of the diets had a smoothie recipe in it that cost £9.60 a serving!!! Being healthy and eating healthily shouldn’t be difficult, expensive or unsustainable. By eating clean (unprocessed) delicious food, thinking smartly about your nutritional requirements, how your lifestyle impacts on what you eat, and having a change strategy in place anyone can adapt to a healthier lifestyle no matter where there starting point it is. By making small changes, big differences to how you feel can come about. The aim of The Healthy Girl Guide is to provide individuals with the support and knowledge to make those changes EASILY. We run nutritional master classes, and a range of one to one services for clients in their own home that inspire and support them in making nutritional and lifestyle changes whatever their health goal, whether it be managing their weight, improve their energy levels, or addressing a health concern.

What made you start up The Healthy Girl Guide?

A sheer passion for believing that simple nutritional changes can reap massive rewards and wanting to share this knowledge with the world! 8 years ago I was a very different person to the one I am now, both physically ( I was 3 stone heavier and proud owner of a medical file the size of a bus), and mentally ( I was very much a glass is half full kind of girl!). Fast forward on and having seen a profound change in my own health, as a result of some very simple nutritional changes, I became hooked into the world of nutrition! Friends and family, confused with conflicting health messages, started to ask me to share my knowledge with them and having seen improvements to their health too, The Healthy Girl Guide was born! The number of people I see who seem to feel that being tired, stressed, overweight and generally unhappy as just a fact of life really saddens me. I get huge reward seeing someone feeling better about themselves, confident in their new sustainable healthy lifestyle! 

The Healthy Girl Guide is a new business and is launching this month. What has been the hardest thing about setting up a business from scratch?

Hands down for me it has to be working for myself by myself. I remember going to my first small business seminar and they talked about how lonely it can be when setting up in business. At the time I brushed it off thinking it couldn’t be all that bad, how wrong I was. Yes, having a passion for what you do helps and drives you on but when you are working at your desk at home, full of ideas, with no one to bounce them off, it can be demotivating and to make it worse, you don’t even have customers at that point!  Thankfully I became a member of The Inspire Network for small businesses! There are some great business networks out there and I encourage anyone starting out to find one local to them. They are a fantastic source of encouragement, knowledge and support. Certainly without my network, I may have given up!

You’re also holding a launch event. What does that involve and when is it?

Whilst I have already run my first nutritional masterclass, I am hoping to be able to celebrate my launch in the New Year with a party for friends, family and my business network! I am a firm believer in celebrating success, and encourage everyone to do so, no matter how big or small your success is.

What do you think is the most difficult thing about staying and living healthy?

I am going to sound contrite, but I don’t think it is difficult! If you make changes slowly if shouldn’t be difficult, your tastes soon change, you become more in tune with how foods make you feel. I also believe in the 80% rule. If you give yourself grace to enjoy not so healthy treats every now and again, without feeling guilty then this will also help you stay healthful. Once we associate foods with ‘good’ and ‘bad’ then staying healthy can become much harder at a sub conscious level.

What are your 3 top tips to living a healthy life?

  1. Eat Clean – limited the amount of processed, refined foods you eat and learn to enjoy cooking! Add balance by ensuring you widen the variety of fruit, vegetables and wholefoods you eat and keep hydrated.
  2. Manage your stress- it’s critical to improved health! Everyone differs in what helps them de-stress, find out what works best for you, it could be yoga, a massage, a good book, or a run in the park
  3. Keep active mentally and physically – find new passions to keep you motivated and get out in the fresh air

What are your thoughts on faddy diets?

Dislike, dislike, dislike. They are not sustainable, can be expensive, can erode you confidence in healthy eating and tend to lack in any scientific sound base.

Where do you hope The Healthy Girl Guide will be in 5 years time?

The Healthy Guide will be continuing to help make nutritional health as easy as possible. Currently The Healthy Girl Guide works in a very local market, but there are plans in place to increase the range of resources and services available globally!


Want to find out more?  Head to www.thehealthygirlguide.com


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