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She Means Business- Bare Body Care

Picture this; you are a new mother with a beautiful baby and everything is perfect. Except for the fact that your baby suffers from terrible eczema and no matter what products you try, it’s not getting any better. What do you do?

Well if you’re Cath Mather, you develop a soap that’s perfect for eczema sufferers, sparking a brand new business venture and helping your baby in the process. Bare Body Care sells completely natural skincare products that are made, by hand, by Cath herself.

Read this week’s She Means Business instalment and take away secrets of making your skin oh so soft from this inspirational lady who is full of skin wisdom!

Bare Body Care is a natural skincare/cosmetics company. What made you want to start this business?

I started making products for my son when he was around 6 months old as he suffered with terribly dry skin and eczema. I was quite desperate to help him to be honest, as the itching was making him so unhappy – and of course, making me so unhappy too.

You make all your products by hand. Where did you learn the skills to do that?

I completed a couple of courses – one in Yorkshire and one in London – both in around 2010/2011, but I’d also always been a fan of making my own products. For years I’ve been using natural oils and butters to treat my skin, and ever since being a little girl I’ve been obsessed with soap. It was kind of a natural extension to start producing products for general use.

Why is it important to you that all your products are 100% natural?

I’m really into the idea that ‘what we put on, goes in’ – so the notion of dermal absorption. Our bodies absorb the products we put onto our skin, and I’m a fairly natural living girl anyway, so why would I use something that I wouldn’t want to ‘eat’? I love the idea that we can nourish ourselves from the outside in. And I guess my family would say I’m just a hippy at heart, haha!

How do you test a new product to make sure it is right for sensitive skin?

When I ‘formulate’ a new product, I am directed by the nature of the oils that I am including. Every ingredient has its own properties – making it more or less gentle, easier or not to absorb, etc. Also, I never ‘launch’ a product without first having it ‘tested’ by a cosmetic chemist. All of my products have been approved for use.

What is your favourite product you make and why?

Without a doubt, my favourite product is the baby wash bar. It was the first product I ‘designed’ and took around 12 months to perfect – a real buy nolvadex canada labour of love. I made it for my son and everything about it has meaning for us personally. He still describes it as ‘his soap’ and finds it’s really funny that other people like to buy it. It has so many memories for me – of the hours I spent researching and tweaking the recipe, of watching him hold it in his little hand for the first time. I even made the moulds myself from scratch. I’ll never forget doing that. Hopefully it will live on/continue to be used for many years to come.

Your products have been awarded prizes recently. How did you feel when you found out you’d won?

I’ve felt completely and utterly elated every time I’ve received any sort of recognition for my products. I’m very emotionally attached to this little business – my son and I went through a lot as I developed it – and it’s just so completely rewarding to be praised for the quality of the items I make. I love it every time anyone says ‘Gosh haven’t your children got lovely skin!’. I usually hand them a business card now!

Where do you get the inspiration for your products?

Of course, the answer to this is, my kids. I just want to care for them in the kindest, most natural way possible – and that includes how and what they eat, how much fresh air they get (lots!) and how I look after their skin. Your skin is your biggest organ – you’ve gotta look after it! Also, I have been inspired by my mother. She has absolutely flawless skin, and like me, never wears a scrap of make up. I always picture her face glowing and shiny from all of the beautiful oils she uses to moisturise it. I hope my skin is as clear as hers when I am her age.

What does the future hold for Bare Body Care?

Well I haven’t got the most robust business model– I’ve tended to allow the business to grow and develop organically. It’s what I’m most comfortable with, and it has worked well for me so far. I’m quite open to opportunities and I’ve been lucky to attract them so easily. I’d like to have a greater presence for the business nationally. I’d like to formally launch all of my new products. I’d like to start offering a volunteering/work experience scheme. I’d like to keep writing, and meeting wonderful people, and finding new ways to package my products. There’s so much I’d like to do, and the business is such a brilliant vehicle for exploring those desires. The future looks great.

To learn more about Bare Care Body products, or to purchase some for yourself check out their website: www.barebodycare.co.uk


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