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She Means Business- Aloe To Glow

We all use beauty products every day, from soap to shampoo, face cream to make up, but do we really know what we are using on our bodies and how is it effecting our health?

Michaela Knight represents and sells a range called Aloe To Glow, whose products use the natural ingredient aloe vera, which has endless health benefits

Read this weeks She Means Business to find out from Michaela why aloe should be your new beauty best friend!


What types of products does your company offer?

A range of products made with inner leaf aloe vera gel, stabilised using a patented cold process in order to retain all the nutrients of this powerhouse of a plant! (75 active ingredients, 200 different compounds). As well as an extensive range of supplements from general health to sports and weight management.


Why use Aloe Vera?

Aloe Vera has been used for centuries and widely documented. Often known as ‘the healing plant’, ‘the burn plant’ and ‘nature’s miracle plant’, aloe has a wide variety of uses; caring for the body from the inside out.


What are the benefits of using these products?

The benefits are multiple. Personally, I drink aloe every morning to help maintain a healthy immune system, aid my energy levels and improve the condition of my skin. I’ve also switched all my personal products for Forever Living’s, from my skincare and toiletries to sports supplements and cosmetics. Even my household cleaner has been exchanged for an aloe-based one! Without making any medical claims, Forever Living products are used by many people struggling with health issues as diverse as digestive troubles, skin, fatigue and medication. It can be beneficial in so many ways that there is too numerous to mention here!

Your products use completely natural ingredients. What are the pluses of this?

The plus side to using natural ingredients is that you gain maximum benefit from the wonderful store that nature provides us with. Less chemicals in the body means a happier, healthier body which is able to care for us in the way nature intended; rather than falling prey to all the bugs and illnesses that are abound in society due to poor lifestyle choices.

Aloe to Glow is part of an international company, Forever Living Products. How is working within another company?

Forever Living Products has Investors In People Gold and Champion status, which means they’re literally the best of the best. So much so, that other companies send their employees there to learn how it’s done! Forever takes great care of its distributors. Marketing is done through us directly rather than wasting money on huge billboards and glossy magazines. Profits are put back into distributor incentives and earnings, so this truly is a people business.

As well as Aloe To Go, you are also a fitness instructor. What type of fitness do you teach?

Currently, I instruct at boot camps and am qualified to train ladies post-birth. I also work within the staff gym at the Freeman hospital – keeping the NHS employees fit!

Other than teaching classes, what do you do to stay fit and healthy?

Personally, I do a lot of intense training – 6 sessions a week. I attend kickboxing classes and outdoor bootcamps, predominantly doing strongman training. I also follow a ‘clean’ eating regime and have been doing so for the past 3 months; dropping over 18lbs in body fat and building lean muscle. I love it!

You’re a mum of 4! How does working for yourself fit in with family life?

My Forever business fits in perfectly around family. I spread my work across the day and evening, depending on what’s happening family-wise. The beauty of Aloe to Glow is that I get to go for lots of cuppas (of herbal tea!) for my business meetings and planning sessions. Which are always great fun as I only work with like-minded, positive and energetic people. I never have to miss a school event or lose out on precious family time. That was in my previous life, when I worked to line someone else’s pockets and build their future instead of my own.

What’s next for Aloe To Glow?

Aloe to Glow is growing, building up a fabulous team of lovely, lively and motivated people who wish to spend more time doing things their way. Independence is hugely important and more and more people are looking for ways of finding themselves and living a life they love. Product-wise, this is a fabulous business to be in, as more and more people are becoming aware of the necessity of caring naturally for their health and fitness. I’m excited by every new step I take within my business; the people I meet and the opportunities I have to do more good for the world. Forever is a global business, and I plan to make Aloe to Glow so too.

For more information check out http://aloetoglow.co.uk/


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