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She Means Business – No 2 Stress

How many of you start your Mondays feeling blue, count down the hours until the working week is over and think the weekend is a rushed blur? Do you find yourself suddenly losing your temper, quicker than usual, or feeling like your carrying the world on your shoulders? Modern life is stressful and we shouldn’t have to just deal with it!

February’s She Means Business talks to Gillian Rayne, owner of No2Stress, helping modern people cope with the stresses of every day life!

Tell us about your company No2stress.

The concept of No2Stress is to provide a service that helps educate and support people to the minefield of stress. Education is the key and the service offers a number of handpicked deliverables. Stress affects us all differently, so we offer a service that is contemporary and holistic, designed to work with the individual needs of the person. We offer advice, support, solutions, products or treatment that are designed to work with individuals and groups in consultations and workshops, often with a guest speaker to deliver group talks/presentations.

What types of stress relief do you offer?

It depends very much on the needs of the individual and establishing the cause of the stress through a series of questions or a lifestyle consultation. That will help me to select the best way forward.

What types of people do you help?

From young to old, home life to work life stress is not precious on where and who it affects. Demographics, to date, have shown that individuals who are suddenly faced with challenges that have previously been manageable are running out of energy. Additions to the family, lack of sleep, work promotions or challenges can all contribute. Perhaps this is a product of the fast-paced life, economic downturn and fast food in a hurry lacks adequate nutrition.

How do you cater for each of your individual clients?

Through a serious of questions I can establish the best service for a client. With a background in community health and health psychology I have a huge resource of information and experience that enables me to signpost towards other services, if I feel I am not the best person to support in that circumstance, but every person is different, therefore so id every approach.

Why do you think our day-to-day lives are full of stress?

We live in a highly demanding society that places more and more constraints on us. Jobs are no longer secure, finances are stretched and life can just be so overwhelming at times, with all the responsibility.

What are you three top tips for relieving stress?

Now if I was to share that I would be putting myself out a job…. but seriously, I will say that acknowledging you are stressed is not a sign of weakness but a sign of strength and that is the starting point to change and get better. Notice the small changes taking place within you. Your body has a way of giving you messages, whether tthrough more headaches, loss of energy, constant colds etc.

You have been recently nominated for the North East Enterprise Business Award 2015. How would you feel if you were to win?

It would have been awesome to win, however, I came 3rd in my category, so I am absolutely ecstatic with that. Stress is finally receiving acknowledgement and that can only be a good thing for the health of the individual.

You also work with a company called Utility Warehouse. What does that entail?

Most people will acknowledge that finances are a huge source of stress for people, so this award winning service empowers the individual to make changes to their finances. It was quite simply the best decision I made to bring in a 2nd income stream that enables me to help more people.

How do you relieve your own personal stresses?

I like quiet time to read and reflect, gentle yoga, meditation and a great network of friends to laugh and hangout with.

What advice would you give to anyone who is feeling under pressure but is too afraid to reach out for help?

Please don’t be afraid, the first step is always the scariest but you will be so glad you took it. All my services are bound by data confidentiality and I am only a phone call, email or Skype away.

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To find out more about No2Stress head to www.no2stress.co.uk


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