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You mean it moves?!

Yesterday, I had my first ever driving lesson and yes, I was a little surprised by the realisation that the car actually moves…

Of course, I have not made it to the grand age of seventeen without ever having sat in a moving car before, but never before have I sat in the driving seat of a car and made it move myself.

I am notoriously bad at judging spaces and movements. It is for this reason, amongst others, that every P.E. teacher I have ever had has taken one look at me and shook his or her head with sheer deflation. And so, my very calm and very nice driving instructor was extremely brave to allow me anywhere near the wheel of his car.

There is something very daunting about being responsible for the movements of something so big and powerful and whilst the car is not big or powerful in the grand scheme of life, it is very big compared to little old me.

It also turns out that the clutch makes the car move, something that was more of a surprise than it perhaps should have been to me. When the car is trundling along and I am trying to work out why it is doing this when I am not touching the accelerator, the feeling of absolute control was not exactly with me. However, despite a few stalls and one minor whoopsie-we-nearly-crashed moment, I survived.

In the world of first time students, I am fairly certain that I was not a horrific surprise to the instructor. There’s just something overly dramatic about doing something for the first time and doing it badly, but now that I have come to terms with the fact that cars actually move, I think I’m going to be just fine…

…I hope.


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