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A masterclass in hair!

There have been plenty of occasions where I’ve washed my hair and wondered why it doesn’t feel much better than it did before starting. It’s not just me, right?!

The Internet seems to be full of instructions on how to wash your hair correctly so I was intrigued… was I really getting it so wrong? What IS there to get wrong? Lather, rinse and repeat apparently just won’t cut it anymore. Hair salons seem to have their own way of washing and I’m not sure whether it’s the expensive products or the way they wash that makes my hair feel better after being at the salon but it always does!

I always wash my hair in the shower, whilst having a shower. I know people who wash their hair separately, rather tan while they are in a bath or shower but that just feels odd to me, not t mention a waste of water.

Here’s how I was washing my hair: wet hair – add shampoo – lather shampoo – wash shampoo out – shampoo again – lather – rinse. Put conditioner on – wait 3 minutes (ish) – rinse out. Dry hair by squeezing (definitely not rubbing as a hairdresser told me that creates split-ends. I have no idea if that’s true or not but I’ve always remembered it).

So, it seems I have been doing it wrong for all these years. After hours of searching, I decided on the following method and have been washing like this for the past two weeks.

1. Use warm water to wet your hair and make sure it’s wet all the way through and on the scalp.

Why? The reason for this, we are told, is so that the scalp oil is loosened, the cuticle is opened and as the oil is being rinsed through the hair it offers the hair additional protection.

2.  Apparently, if your hair is longer than shoulder length we should be conditioning first. Ys, you heard that right. Conditioner should be run through the bottom two inches of the hair only.

Why? Apparently this is to protect the fragile hair ends from damage during the shampooing process.

3. We can finally open the Shampoo, woohoo! Use a small 20p blob and shampoo only at the hair root and on the scalp. This is the only place we should be creating a lather apparently and we need to pay special attention to the nape of the neck.

Why? Well, the hair closest to the scalp is the youngest and therefore the oiliest being closest to the scalp. The ends of the hair are the driest.

4. Now rinse the shampoo through the hair until there are no suds left.

5. Squeeze most of the water out of your hair before applying conditioner to the ends, ONLY the bottom inch. Now clip your hair up and finish showering etc.

Why? The ends of the hair are the driest and therefore require the conditioner to protect them whereas the oils from the scalp, will move down the hair and protect the rest.

6. Rinse out the conditioner. Do not rinse for more than one minute. The final rinse should be done in cold water – the colder the better.

Why? If you wash for more than one minute you will wash any goodness left from the conditioner down the drain. As for washing in cold water, this should close the cuticle of the hair tight and should then reflect a shine, making the hair look healthier.

So, there you go. I certainly have been doing it all wrong if you listen to these rules. To be honest their reasons for doing it this way do make sense. They also state to never repeat the shampoo as it strips the hair too much. I ALWAYS shampooed my hair twice – no idea where it stemmed from but I always did it.

So I’ve been following this ‘new method’ of hair washing for the last two weeks and I have noticed an improvement. The small changes do seem to make a difference, especially the final wash in cold water. My hair feels shiny, looks healthy and feels healthier I’m sure of it.

Have you been washing your hair all wrong?



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