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Marvellous world: 10 Places to visit.

As winter comes upon us and the nights grow ever darker we end up looking forward to holidays and warmer climates but why follow the crowds to every tourist attraction around the world. There are many wondrous, awe-inspiring places in the world that unfortunately are less visited by masses but truly should not be missed.  So here are some places to look forward to visiting, or even now escaping from the cold weather. Treat yourself and explore somewhere new.

The Fairy Pools , Isle of Skye, Scotland

A sweet belief in fairies comes to life with the mere sight of this place, appearing as if straight out of the childhood fairytale books. The crystal blue waters to rival those in the warmest of climes; but for those not brave enough to sink into their depths the walk is truly magnificent. The waters running down from the Black Cuillins creates many waterfalls as they spill over the rocks into these magical fairy pools.  The sight truly is something to behold, so take the time to walk around all the pools; a breathtaking view and a great walk for the whole family to enjoy.

Huacahina, Peru

This is no mirage, in the middle of the southwestern Peruvian desert sits a small oasis town. The perfect place for adventurers, sandboarding and dune buggy rides are a plenty on the dunes that surround the town. Locals call this place home a wonderful adventure filled escape from the real world. The legends say that the oasis was created when a beautiful native princess was apprehended at her bath by a young hunter. However, she fled leaving the pool of water she had been bathing in and this became the oasis. The folds of her shroud streaming out behind her are believed to have formed the sand dunes that surround the waters.  So why not visit this little piece of paradise amongst the sand and enjoy the adventures that are popular.

Pura Ulun Danu Bratan, Bali

For those looking for a more spiritual journey upon their holiday travels this would be one of the perfect places to visit. The temple built in 1663, around Lake Bratan, is used of offering ceremonies to the Balinese water, lake and river goddess, Dewi Danu (one of the two supreme deities in Balinese tradition), due to the importance of the lake in central Bali’s irrigation system.

This is not the only spiritual beauty in Bali, in fact Tanah Lot is another temple but this one sits on a large offshore rock. The temple is never the same twice, always being shaped over the years by the ocean tides. The Tanah temple was built back in the 16th century and has been in Balinese mythology ever since. The temple devoted to the sea Gods and is one of seven surrounding the Balinese coast.  So why not try to expand your mind and learn the spiritual ways of other cultures.

Blagaj, Bosina and Herzegovina

Blagaj is a small town in the south-eastern region of the Mostar basin, a wonderful mix of urban and rural structures make this a truly wonderful place to visit. Famous for its warm weather and being situated at the spring of the Bauna river and of course the historical Dervish Monastery (tekke) giving so much beauty to this simple town. A historical place to visit but a beauty to behold why not take a wander around and wonder at the beauty of the world.

Blue Lagoon, Iceland

For those wanting all their cares to simply slip away while on holiday this would be perfect. The blue lagoon is a giant’s bathtub, 6 million litres of geothermal seawater. The water staying perfectly warm for all to enjoy. However, it’s not just the lagoon that you can delve straight into, why not try the sauna and steam bath, simply carved out of a lava cave and of course buy nolvadex bodybuilding don’t forget about the massaging waterfall. Even having some simple comforts like a shop and a café, letting you spend as long as you like within the warming relaxing water. So come, let your stresses slip away from you in this wonderful piece of the Earth.

Quinta de Regaleira, Portugal

History comes to life in this place, a world heritage site for all to enjoy. The palace is located in the town of Sinatra and has so much to discover and enjoy. The estate itself being so large, that it has two small lakes, a chapel and even servant quarters. The palace has had many different owners, once having been owned by the Barons of Regaleira but since then it has been sold to others, each leaving their stamp upon the palace for us to all enjoy now. Having everything from, gargoyles, grottos and stone spiral staircases; not to mention all the symbols placed around by one of its past owners, everything from alchemy, Masonry and the Knights Templar; so there truly is something to be discovered around every corner.

Giant’s causeway, Ireland

Left after an ancient volcanic eruption but the legends tell a much more interesting story for us all to enjoy. According to the legend the columns are the remains of a causeway but from a giant; an Irish giant challenged the Scottish giant and the causeway built across so that they could meet and completed the challenge. A perfect place to relive the legendary past with the whole family, telling tales of times unknown. A wonderful place in the open air to simply enjoy when surrounded by Irish countryside.

Popeye Village, Malta

Simply a group of rustic and ramshackle wooden buildings, located in Anchor bay make up Popeye village, also known as Sweethaven Village. Specifically built as the film set for the 1980s film Popeye starring Robin Williams, now open to the public as an open-air museum. So remember the great actor Robin Williams in his role, and treasure the 80’s film as a whole. Go back to the past and enjoy the wonderful weather by the sea.

Swarovski Crystal Worlds, Austria

Everything that sparkles. Literally the birth place of Swarovski crystal, filled with every product you can ever think of, and even some you just could not imagine. Why not come to the birthplace of the wonderful creations, from jewellery, beads and charms to their figurines. Currently undergoing a brand new expansion, in May 2015 there will be even more wonders to see and explore. A wonderful day out for those visiting Austria and wanting something sparkling perfection as a gift.

Ristorante Grotta Palazzese- Southern Italy (Province of Bari, Apulia)

Dining with an extraordinary view, there is nothing finer. With stunning views over the Adriatic and a warm summer, night’s breeze truly is world class dining. The restaurant carved from the cliff face’s limestone, standing out just about 74 feet above sea level. Diners can watch the wave lap at the shore as they enjoy fine dining, in one of the most extraordinary breathtakingly beautiful restaurants in the world. Before your meal don’t forget to explore the wonderful narrow streets of the medieval town built upon the same cliffs. The restaurants’ setting having served local nobility since at least the 1700’s it does not come much better. Perfect food, perfect dining and an astonishing view.

There are so many places out there still to be explored, these are just a few. So spread your wings and try somewhere new for your next holiday. Keep yourself warm in our cooling climate with thoughts of where you can travel to next, there is something for everyone out there; be it adventure and exploration or simply relaxing and dining. Families big or small, couples or simply by yourself, the world is big, experience as much of it as you can.


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