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How to make yourself feel GREAT!!

My First Article!! My First Article!!


Hey Everyone!

Here is a little post on my tips on how to make yourself feel great! Sometimes we all get stuck in a bit of a routine/rut which can eventually get a little bit boring!!We all want to grow as people and in order to do that we need to make changes from time to time, no matter how small they are it can have a big impact on how we feel about ourselves and in turn how we make others around us feel!! So I hope you enjoy reading this post and gather some inspiration from it!! :)

The best feeling and the biggest gift you can give someone is love, plus its free! Bonus!!!

No matter how hard your day has been or how rubbish you feel just remember to spread love wherever you go. It may be something as simple as smiling at a stranger but guaranteed that smile will be remembered and if they smile back it will make you feel good and happy and if they don’t, well they’re just plain bloody miserable! hahahha!!!

Try to fall in love everyday- whether it be with your partner, your surroundings, your job, your family, but most importantly don’t forget to love yourself!!!! Loving yourself, obviously without turning into an obnoxious person haha is vital! If you love yourself, respect yourself and know your own self worth you will become more open to receive other peoples love which in turn will make you feel absolutely amazing!!! :) Also if someone has made you feel loved, don’t hesitate to tell them so, that could cheer them up and mean more to them than you realise!

Find something you absolutely love doing!!

There is nothing in this world that is going to give you a greater feeling on a daily basis than having that something that excites you! I haven’t done a blog post for ages but just writing this I instantly feel good, not because it’s a post on feeling good lol, but because I really enjoy it! It is almost the equivalent of having a little scrapbook or diary and it takes me to a happy place knowing that you guys are reading this and it could potentially help someone!! It’s almost like therapy…just kidding!!

Seriously though if you do something that you are passionate about doing and enjoy doing it then who knows where it could lead! That’s what I got told by someone who I really value and love and it has stuck in my head ever since!! For example, you could be really into fashion and love creating things- you never know, you could end up seeing people wearing one of your designs one day etc, who knows!! Even if a new door doesn’t open up what have you lost, errr….Nothing!! You enjoyed doing it in the first place and will most likely continue to do so, so who cares!!! You still have that one thing which when you do it you feel great regardless if anything comes from it so I urge you to keep going! :)

Head to the makeup counters!!

I love going to all the different makeup counters that are in my closest shopping centre! Looking around at all the bright lights and pretty colours is enough to lift any mood and make you feel happy and good inside!! It may not work with everyone but it definately does me!!

You don’t even have to spend money if you don’t want, although I always end up buying one little thing…otherwise its a wasted trip right?!!haha! Thats my excuse and I’m sticking to it!! Haha!

Don’t spend too much money though as that’s not going to help you feel good, but definately a little treat won’t hurt lol!! If your really strapped for cash, you can always go and get a free makeover with some expert advice!! You will walk out with a new look and new knowledge, which hopefully you will be loving and feeling like your worth a million dollars, and..wait for it…. you wont have spent a thing!! How perfect is that!! :)

Oh My Gosh!!! Just looking at this picture instantly makes me feel warm, happy and relaxed!! haha!!

ahhhhhhhhh how pretty I literally can’t stop looking at it!! I feel a new screensaver coming on!!hahah! Basically anything pink and pretty gets me excited lol but the main reason for this is to illistrate how you could de clutter your space and free up your mind at the same time!! It sounds ridiculous but it’s true! You may not even realise it but having a clean or tidy up and replacing mess with cute things, e.g candles and twiddly bits will make you feel a whole lot better!!

Anyone who knows me knows I’m not the most tidest girl in the world but even I have my limits and it does get to a point eventually where it gets too much, I can feel it stressing me out and in turn it spreads to other aspects of my life and affects my way of thinking in the negative sense, even the silliest things that wouldn’t get to me usually start playing on my mind! Once it’s done, you can literally breathe air again and feel like a complete marvel haha! Go get a boost by looking at your new haven in which you have created!!

Looking at this I feel really positive immediately! :)

It makes me want to save so I can go and have a nice holiday with that someone special! The point is-believe that you can succeed in acheiving your dreams, whatever they may be! It may not be easy but the thought of having a goal is exciting, surely! It basically represents something to look forward to! We all need something to strive and aim for. It’s challenge time ;)!!

For me it is the thought of saving up enough in order to do something i’v always wanted to do! Everyone has those things that seem pretty impossible, it may even go as far as and actually begin to feel like an obstacle, but turn your mind frame around and think positive and really go for it!! You will feel geat because there is now a purpose for something, a something which may not have even existed before! It will stir a passion in you if you want it bad enough! So whatever it is hold on to the thought of it, embrace it and make it happen!! :)

Exercise- This word actually makes me feel tired to a certain extent haha!

Once you start doing more exercise, gradually it will make you feel so full of life! All negativity washes away and you feel really good about yourself! It gets the endorphins pumping round the body which gives you that feel good factor! It is the one thing which not only changes your body but it changes your mood and your attitude! Everything has more clarity and you may start to feel stronger about things which, before may have felt beyond bad!! I always try and tell myself that nothing is too bad to get past!!

Everyone knows exercise and healthy eating is good but what people may not realise is it can be fun also! You could go for walks, runs, swims, make yummy smoothies, do dance classes with friends, your other half, your siblings or even new people, whom you have met along the way which is a good way to lift your spirits and improve your social calendar!! Plus you will get a more toned body as a result so that will make you feel even better! Whats not to love about that!! 😉

So these are a few things which help me to feel great and things that I aim for and, if I’m honest I am still working on to enhance the way I live, look and feel everyday! I hope if your reading this you will take something from it, even if it’s just a bit of hope or encouragement and create a happier version of what is there already- you!! What have you got to lose honestly?! You could stay the same, yes but you tried and that’s what it’s about! Never give up! Keep trying! Believe in yourself and make yourself sparkle and shine brighter than before!!!

Please feel fee to let me know what worked for you or if you actually liked this post etc!!

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