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Is Your Make Up Bag Risking Your Health?

If we were to look into our fridge and find an old piece of fruit that has been accidentally crammed to the back and forgotten about, developing a thick coating of green fuzz, would we eat it? I very much doubt it. We are vigilant when it comes to sell by dates on what we put into our bodies, so why should it be any different to what we put onto our bodies?

A recent survey revealed that women still use products that have been nestling in their make up bags for more than 10 years! The danger of this can be catastrophic, with high risks of infection, reactions and in extreme cases, blindness. So how can we help ourselves make sure our make up is in date and useable?

Check your products!
Every cosmetic product has a small logo, which looks like a jar with it’s lid open and a number. This is the out of date http://www.mindanews.com/buy-levaquin/ logo. The number indicates the amount of months the product will be useable after you open the seal.

Have a clear out!
Your make up bag can easily become a dumping ground for products that aren’t in your every day beauty regime. Have a regular clear out to ensure your products are useable and to make lighter work of carrying your cosmetics in your handbag.

Keep a note!
When you buy a new product, check the out of date logo and make a little note in your diary for when that product has hit it’s used by date! It may seem tedious, but it’s better than an awful eye infection.

Be aware!
If your mascara becomes a bit stiff, or your foundation gets a bit crumbly, take it as a sign that this product has had it’s moment in your make up bag. Throw it out and replace it!


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