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Maintaining a healthy relationship

Have you ever wondered what the secret is to maintaining a happy, strong and healthy relationship? Well… there is no secret! I know you;re disappointed by that, but it’s true. It takes a number of things all working together, so here are some tips!

#1 Be productive

As much as having a netflix night with snacks appeals to you, don’t do it every night! Be active and have adventures. Having spontaneous days and fun plans are really important, as they are what create memories and moments.

#2 Don’t live in each other’s pockets

Everyone is different, but personally I think it’s nice to have a break from each other every now and then. It’s just healthy. If you’re together every single day of the week you’re bound to get on each others nerves just a tad. It gives you time to miss each other. Spend time with friends, family or just have a day for yourself! It’s good to enjoy your own company.

#3 Socialise with each other’s friends

Even though you love it being just the two of you, make sure to get involved with each other’s friends. In a way, meeting his/her friends is just like meeting his/her parents. It’s an extension of them. Besides, it’s fun to meet new people!

#4 Laugh and be stupid

Have fun and be a goof! It shows that you’re comfortable around each other and aren’t afraid to be fools. Laughing is the best medicine!

#5 Don’t moan all the time

Moaning. Even the word looks miserable. I have to admit, I moan about stupid things, like how my mascara has gone dry and I’m pretty sure it gets on everyone’s tits! Moaning too much just brings the people around you down too, so be happy, be positive and focus on the solution! (Even if it is just about dry mascara!)

#6 Have date nights

Even if you have been in a relationship for two years, five years or even 10, keep it sweet by having a date night every now and then! It’s cute, healthy and will make you feel how you felt when you first met. It’s exciting! We all slip into daily routines, which may get a bit boring sometimes, so why not switch it up a bit?

#7 Accept the ups and downs

As much as disagreements suck, nothing gets solved without them. If you don’t argue about anything, how will you really know what’s upsetting the other person? So really, they are healthy. Just be sure to fix the problem after the argument and not sit there in a huff! Also, there are always going to be ups and downs, so just enjoy the ups, work through the downs and come out the other side.

#8 Compliment each other

A nice compliment here and there makes all the difference! I’m sure you do this anyway, but I’m reminding you just in case!

#9 Don’t lie

It’s an obvious one, but don’t lie. It just causes unnecessary problems which you don’t need. Fair enough little white lies are needed sometimes (birthday surprises etc.) but hard-core lies just end up in tears. Avoid avoid!

#10 Be friends as well as lovers

Being friends with your partner, as well as lovers, is like having the best of both worlds. Having that lovey dovey intimate side is great, but when you can sit with them, hang out and just have banter… that’s really great (I hate the word banter, but it seemed like the perfect fit). I think it just makes you both feel more connected to each other and confident that you will always be there for one another.


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