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Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics – Hero’s!

What do I love about Lush Handmade Cosmetics? That distinctive scent that travels up your nostrils as your nearing the shop. The spot on customer service. Honestly, all your specific beauty needs will be met in Lush stores and your questions will be 100% answered. All the products are natural therefore gentle on sensitive skin and there is NO animal testing! The stores are beautiful;  they are full of many colours, patterns, jellies and glitter.

What don’t I love about Lush? The damage it causes to my bank account… I just cant get enough of the products.

If you have never been to a Lush store you need to go – right now! You have not lived until you have used a product from Lush. Seriously, I have transformed many of my friends from Lush virgins into Lush maniacs.  From bath bombs with rose petals to chocolate face masks and bubblegum lip balms, there is a product for sure to leave more than most women feeling happy. Actually no, not just women, my boyfriend bought the Space Girl glitter bath bomb and loved it. Lol. But no seriously mens products are sold too so there is literally something for everyone.

Lush is especially good for anyone with skin conditions.

Go check it out :)


  • Kali Hawk Kali Hawk says:

    I used ti always wear Lush’s Karma.
    It smelled divine, almost edible.
    Anyways, I was a teacher at the time, and one of the other members of staff could never remember the name of the fragrance so always used to shout ‘LUSH’ when she smelled me.
    not exactly what you want someone shouting after you in a school!
    He he he.
    It’s just a shame they don’t do Karma fragrance any more. Gorgeous stuff!

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