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Stress, pressures, criticisms. Life is full of negativity – but only if you want it to be. We tend to let family pressures build up. We give in to work commitments. We’re suffocated by love troubles, and even our closest friends can unintentionally hurt us. Additional to all this tension, our own reflections can have damaging consequences. Especially if they’re self critical. Who is the one person we can rely on to reduce any hardship? Our fault-finding selves.

The reasons to feel good about yourself are endless…but here are some of my favourites

Confidence – As soon as you begin to believe in yourself, others believe in you too.  Others will have faith in your abilities, and that feeling of self assurance is a definite winner. The best part is, you can fake your confidence until it is real. Nobody will know but you will still be exuding strength.

Sex Appeal – Before you can fall in love with anyone else, you have to love yourself first, and why shouldn’t you? Understanding and accepting your own qualities is key here, it will stop you from adapting the habits of others easily, and consequently make you appear more attractive to others.

Relationships – Relationships won’t only improve with your partner, but friends, family and colleagues. People like those who love themselves, and will be instantly drawn to you. Who wants to be friends with someone who is constantly nit-picking their own bad habits? Yawn..

Power – Don’t be afraid to fail or succeed in life. Feeling good can give you the power and strength to get over anything, everything and anyone.

Law of attraction – Simple. Like attracts like. By focusing on positive thoughts alone, those happy vibes will shine through your own attitude and in turn, this beaming energy will influence others around you…

Remember, a happy mind is a happy person! Only you are in control of your own thoughts..


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