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Why I love Women Make Waves

You know that feeling you get, the one where you feel lost, insignificant and inadequate all rolled into one big ball of neurosis? Discovering Women Make Waves has helped me untangle that web and find the ‘me’ inside it.

Writing for WMW has given me something to feel passionate about again, something I believe in, something I enjoy, but it’s much more than that. When I first submitted an article I was sure I would have it bounced back to me with an attached note saying, “who wants to know about this rubbish?”. Yet it seems that the experiences I share, the insecurities I voice, the moments I put down on paper (ok on my computer but artistic licence allows) are of interest to other readers. I get comments, likes, views and I know that that little part of me that I just shared through an article has spoken to someone else on some level.

That is why I love WMW. It unites us, it reassures us and it reminds us that the nagging self doubt, the stress, the mundane…it is shared by us all. I often go to write an article, only to find someone else has already posted something on the same subject and love being able to think to myself, ‘yes, exactly! You know just how I feel!”

I’m an average person. I’m not a high powered go getter, a high living jet setter or a child expert anti bed wetter. I don’t run an amazingly successful home business whilst expertly raising three children on a diet of tofu and elderflower water,  made from home grown ingredients and crushed by my own two perfectly manicured feet. I am pretty normal.

My son watches Peppa Pig when I need time to get something done, he eats fishfingers (not home made), my house has the odd cobweb, my hair hadn’t been cut in over a year.

My idea of a good night is curled on the sofa watching via DVD with a KFC bucket. We holiday in a tent or if were pushing the boat out, a holiday inn. My clothes are from Primark my bath products from the pound shop and my food from Aldi. It’s all quite simple really, but it is my life and it’s nice to know that it’s pretty similar to everyone else’s.

So, I will keep reading other peoples articles and nodding in agreement, I will keep posting my own inner ramblings in hope that others can relate, and I will know that thanks to WMW, I am just like all the other fish in the sea making waves – and that’s no bad thing.


  • Amy Tocknell says:

    This is why we do what we do. Thank you Hayley the love and support goes absolutely both ways. xx

  • I couldn’t agree with you more, Hayley! (By the way, love your name- mine, Kathy, is sooo boring!) We are all human and WMW is a place to share the ‘good, bad and ugly of it all. Thanks, hon!!

  • That was wonderful! It really does feel like a little community here and I love checking the site every morning and seeing what’s new. GROUP HUG! <3

  • Thanks for you responses ladies…don’t know about you all, but as soon as I spot someone has commented on an article I get a little buzz of excitement!

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