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Love your hair? Take care of it!

What woman does not love their hair? Ask any and they will all say the do. The problem is, not all of them act like it. Take me as an example.

I started dying my hair when I was about 16. I love hair dye. My hair has been blonde, blonder, black, red and blonde again. When I was 17, I was just being a teenager when I decided to shave my head. No reason was really behind it, but I do remember thinking it was all about proving myself. Once it was done, there was no turning back, but I did not regret it and it turned out to be quite the experience. People looked at me differently, I looked different and I kept looking different from then on because as my hair was growing, my looks would change monthly according to its length.

By the time it was almost to my shoulders, I bleached it and kept on doing so for about 6 months. It is difficult to explain why I thought it was a great idea to do so for my fresher year but it was indeed not good for my hair. After that I jumped to red for four months. At that point, you could see the damage inflicted on the hair and I was not caring much, evidenced by me not doing anything about it and so, I proceeded to black.

And there it was: hair loss. Yes, I was losing crazy amounts of hair by the time I was 19 so I freaked out and decided against hair dye for a year. It felt boring to me but it did wonders for my hair. However, as soon as the year went by, I started again. Black, blonde, kind of red blonde, brown reddish, brown purpleish and the next thing I knew, my hair looked the worst it ever had.

So here you go, some hair-saving tips you will love:

  • If you are crazy about using straighteners, a dryer or apply heat to your hair in any other way, you must apply a heat protector product first. There are tons available, just pop in to your favorite beauty-product distributor, a drugstore or better yet, order online. You probably have heard this before but if you can, cut down on your use of heat as it does damage your hair greatly. If you are into curls, don’t rely on heat for this; there are ways to get amazing curls without heat (Youtube it)!
  • Do not go to sleep with your hair being wet. I couldn’t anyway but if you do this, don’t. Our hair is at its most vulnerable when wet, plus it’d smell rather funny next morning. So let it air dry.
  • I have heard negative things of both sleeping with your hair down or not. I personally prefer to braid it loosely on the side to avoid crazy tangled hair.
  • Oil your hair. I’ve been doing this for weeks now and it does wonders to your ends. I prefer coconut oil and with just a small amount of it, I apply it to the ends daily. Do make sure it is just a small amount though. Plus, this will leave it smelling so good.
  • Do not shampoo very often. This takes away your natural oils so try to go as long as you can without shampoo. That being said, I’m not suggesting you go around with really nasty hair but depending on how oily your hair is, determine how often to wash it. Even every other day is perfect although for some people every three days works too.
  • Use conditioner. Just do it. And for shiny hair, you can add mashed strawberries to it and then rinse.
  • Home-made hair treatments are great for really dry hair. As mentioned before, my hair was a mess and I thought it was hopeless but I tried the following home-made treatment and it has worked wonders for me. This is only for dry hair. All measurements vary according to the length of your hair so start with 1 spoon of each and add more if you feel you need more. I used coconut oil, mayo, raw egg, and avocado. I know, I know, it doesn’t sound like the kind of stuff that you want to put on your hair but it did the trick for me. I apply it all over but if your hair isn’t that dry, only apply on ends, let it work for 20 minutes, rinse it away and then shampoo and condition as always. I do it every week as my hair is not in the best condition but normally it should be done every two weeks.

I hope some of these tips were found useful. Please comment below to leave any tips you swear by, that I didn’t mention.


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