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Love at first date

I’d recently moved back to the Isle of Man, from the UK mainland, with my two young boys after a terrible relationship, so the last thing on my mind was dating! After a month of being home, my friend insisted I go for one drink with an acquaintance of hers. To be honest I needed a break so I thought why not, one drink won’t do any harm.

I decided to bring my car so he wouldn’t get any ideas! My two boys were staying with a friend, so I was looking forward to some free time. I met my date in a local bar and all was great. Good conversation and he seemed like a gent, however he’d had quite a few to drink before I’d even got there so it was apparent he was well on his way to being drunk. Anyone who knows me knows I hate being around drunk men, it makes me very uncomfortable! Within an hour the guy had groped my ‘below region’ TWICE!! The first time he got a very stern warning… the second, I was out of there. On the way to the bathroom before leaving though, I bumped into an old friend. I hadn’t seen him in years even though we had hung out with the same crowd for years when I was younger. We exchanged a short conversation and I left.

The ‘date’ bombarded me with calls and text, apparently having no idea why I wasn’t responding! Maybe because he’d had a bottle of vodka and was so pissed he had no recollection of touching me inappropriately, in front of a table full of friends who happen to be off duty police officers. Incidentally, said friends immediately sent me messages informing me this was not the guy for me. Too right!

Two weeks later (playing it cool) I got a message from the ‘old friend’ asking if id like to meet up for a catch up. We exchanged messages until the early hours of the morning and I agreed to dinner at a local restaurant. He turned up to collect me, flowers in hand, looking very smart and handsome! Now this was a proper gent! We had such a fabulous night that we both said we’d like to see each other again. I’d even gone back to his for a coffee and he didn’t try it on! Now that’s a keeper! A few weeks on and we were an item. A few more weeks on an he’d moved in with us! And a few weeks later still… we got married!! Whirlwind I know, but after my experiences in life I live to the max! If something makes me happy and feels right then why not go for it?

My boys adore him and he is the most amazing husband. We are all very happy and I’ll never live life wondering ‘oh but what if….’. That’s just not me and luckily, its not Nathan either! We are absolutely crazy, the pair of us! We work hard, play hard and love being a family.

Nathan… you and the boys are my world! Thank you for accepting me as me! I love you dearly!


  • sallybenton@manx.net says:

    I’ve known you for a few years now Brooke, not very close but enough to say Hi and know the trials and tribulations you have gone through. Its been so lovely seeing you so very happy and in love, life is about living and no matter what is thrown at us we pick ourselves up, dust ourselves down and get on with it………Wishing you and Nathan many and many of wedded bliss and huge congratulations on the news of a new arrival…
    Seeing your story gives us all hope that true love is really out there and we will all find it…..one day. xx

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