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What do Tiger Woods, John Terry, Wayne Rooney, Ryan Giggs and Ashley Cole all have in common?

Answer: they have all cheated on their partners in a very publicly exposed manner, though not had a shameless, carefree and jack the lad attitude. I cant help but wonder why their women took them back? I’m not doubting that these women love their husbands or partners and believed that they made a genuine mistake and would change, but realistically the choice of packing their bags and saying adios to the life of luxury was never really an option was it?

Why am I laying the blame with the women? I am a woman, so shouldn’t I be fiercely sticking up for them and their choices? Well, no. Granted, it’s not the women’s fault they cannot control a person’s actions, however they can control the reaction to the situation. I’m not saying that everyone is perfect and mistakes don’t happen, because they do, but when they’ve forgiven two, three, maybe four times. That’s a choice and one that seems to have other factors in play!

When will women open their eyes and become independent and strong minded like their mothers raised them to be? And when will they realise that one of the reasons that men cheat is because they know they will be forgiven and be able to go home and carry on as if nothing has happened?

Men aren’t stupid, they know that women love the finer things in life like Range Rovers, Louboutins and Rolex’s and they will feed those cravings just as long as they don’t mind being stripped of their morals. If women stood up, grew a spine and welcomed pride over Prada maybe men would finally understand that they cannot have their cake and eat it too or at least that serving it on a Chanel plate is no longer enough.


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