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Dear Lost lover,

Where are you?

It seems such a simple thing to ask, but constantly running around my mind I am left wondering just that. Where have you gone? Do you wish to return to me? Has life pulled you away from me or have you simply just walked away?

There are so many questions that confuse me. Looking back at the times we shared, looking at the moments that sparked our souls into life. Please tell me you have not forgotten, as every day I relive those moments just to feel alive again. My soul weeps and my heart begs for your return but my mind tells me to forget you. But how can I do that? To forget you is to give up on those sweet memories, conversations that lasted all night and never growing bored of the words we shared. They were always so blunt and to the point, I used to know where I stood with you, never having to read between the lines, to decrypt just what you meant. You were that one person that I trusted with my darkest depths, always telling me the truth, never judging and always so very comforting.

The nights were sweet, sharing just how we felt. A meeting of old souls from day one that just seemed to blossom and grow together. A connection that had never been felt before, strong, pure and true. It bound us together so completely. Pain, shocked my system any time I thought of leaving you behind. Then something happened, there was never a distance between us until that one lie. Your words were strong and true, never a lie until that one slipped past your lips.

I will return to you….

I believed it. So foolish and love struck, bound by my soul to you. I believed every word. So there I sat day in and day out waiting for your return. A simple hello and I would have ran into your arms, the time apart would have been forgiven and forgotten. Because in that moment I had you again.

Do you miss me at all? Because for me it is torture, a knife cutting slice after slice from my heart and soul for every day I live without you. Time after time I left you messages, little notes showing my true emotions without you.

My life is falling apart around me, descending into madness. Please come and take me away from this hell…

Like a raw twisted nerve I could not hide the pain. Life is just not the same without you. Thinking back on the moments we shared, laying in the darkened bedroom all I can do is cry myself to sleep. The wishful thinking dancing in my mind, stings and burns as every day it does not come true.

So where are you? Will you ever return to me, to complete my soul once more….

I visit your plot every week, there are some new flowers there. You always loved the light even in the darkest of hours. I don’t believe I will ever let you go… the want for it all to be a dream… simply waiting for you to walk back through that door.

With love from a shattered soul and a missing piece.


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