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Looking to contract? Try these positions!

Many people in the UK today are looking for flexible working hours and hourly contract jobs as it’s these positions that seem to offer increased flexibility, better pay and greater opportunities for progression. Those with in-demand qualifications and experience can easily earn a daily wage working only two hours a day. Below you will find the most popular hourly paid jobs that we are increasingly looking to take on so that we can work less and live more.

1.Management Consultant

Those with experience in managing large organisations and making systems and processes more effective can gain a qualification as a management connsultant, earning as much as £35 per hour, depending on the contract. The job involves statistical analysis of the firm and assisting the in-house management team with the creation of a long term strategy.

2. Financial Advisor

Financial advisors usually get trained, by a company, to be able to provide information for private and corporate clients. They can earn as much as £200 per hour, according to the This Is Money website. One would need certain qualifications and certificates to be able to practice, however, this job is highly respected and extremely profitable.

3. Private Tutor

With the increasing demand for tutoring in languages and certain academic subjects, private tutors can charge up to £50 per hour for one-on-one sessions. Those with existing qualifications and degrees, that are not practicing their profession, can easily earn an income by having only a few students.

4. Life Coach

Many people are now looking for direction to advance their career, become healthier, or make their relationships more prosperous. Only minimum qualifications are needed to become a life coach and individuals usually charge between £50 and £100 per hour. There are several life coaches who learned their trade from popular self-help books and have created their own methods to pass on the skills to help others.

5. Personal Trainer

Lifestyle coaches and fitness trainers can work in a gym or on a one-on-one basis. The latter certainly pays better, offering up to £35 per hour. Some former nurses and health care professionals turn to this option as a way of earning money and clients can benefit from a tailor-made, fully customisable fitness programme that takes into consideration their needs, habits and preferences. Lifestyle and fitness coaches, however, will need to purchase a comprehensive insurance policy to cover potential risks associated with the advice they provide.

6. Career Advisor

People seeking to advance their career often need help with revamping their CV, presenting themselves during interviews and professional communication. A person with a HR degree or relevant experience can provide the same service as an agency would, on a more personal level. Hourly fees range between £35 and £80. 

7. Marriage Counsellor

While qualifications and training are needed to become a marriage counsellor, private advisors can make a good living by charging hourly. According to the Prospects website, “private practitioners can charge £30 – £50 per hour”.

8. Accountant Consultant

Individuals with a chartered accountant certification can make up to £60 per hour, reviewing a company’s financial statements and statistics in order to highlight fiscal issues and liquidity problems, while making suggestions to improve the firm’s overall performance.

9. Tax Advisor

The up-to-date knowledge of tax advisors is essential for private investors and corporations. They make the job of money management easier by keeping an eye on legislation changes, compliance requirements and deadlines. They can also assist clients in financial planning for tax effective operation.

10. Information Security Analyst

Large corporations are ready to pay a high price to keep their customer and financial details safe. An information security IT analyst reviews systems, develops policies and guidelines, while putting access control in place to reduce the risk of a data breach and loss of information.

For those who are looking for flexible working hours and a rewarding job, being a hourly paid consultant or contractor is the best solution. It is easy to turn existing qualifications into a rewarding contract job and allows you to be your own boss. With no glass ceiling in place, women are able to charge as much per hour as their male counterparts and make a significant impression on the business world, so what are you waiting for? Do you have experience or qualification stat you could be putting to better use?


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