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Live in Nanny…..worth every penny!!!!!!

We decided to get an extra pair of hands about a year ago. Business was so busy that we needed help with taking care of our two boys and with the running of the house.

We first got a live in Au-pair from Spain. She was 35 years old and spoke very little English. She was asking for £100 a week, English tuition, food, accomodation and a car to use. In return she would take the children to school, collect them and make some tea if we were stuck at work. She attended an english class one evening a week but Unfortunately, due to the language barrier, it felt like we had a third child instead of an extra pair of hands and the boys couldn’t connect with her at all.

We then decided to advertise for a live in nanny. A local girl applied and she was perfect. The boys adore her and she cooks, cleans, does the washing, school runs, homework, food shopping, organises anything that i don’t have time to do and she’s become part of the family! She comes on holidays with us, trips out, helps me with work and has become our PA too! She’ll kill me for saying that! :-) Honestly, she has become a confident and close friend. Would never be able to put in the effort needed to grow our businesses and have quality time with the boys, without her help. She’s always there for me and I intend to always be there for her too. She leaves for uni this September to become a Paediatric Nurse. We wish her all the very best!

We met another girl last year that wanted to be our nanny but she was finishing her last year at school. She’s now finished her exams, will be going to the Isle of Man business school whilst living with us from July! She would like to open her own nursery once she’s finished her degree which I’m sure will be something we can help he with when she’s ready.

Having a live in nanny has been a fantastic experience for us all, as a family and we would encourage anyone who can afford the extra outlay to invest in one. We get all the time we need to succeed in our career whilst having fun and games with the kids! The business is growing by the day which gives us the ability to take time off with the boys!



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