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The little nothings in life that us mums consider luxuries:

I absolutely love being a mum and I’m sure like me, your kids are your whole world. They are beautiful, giggly, noisy and just damn well crazy, but you couldn’t imagine life without them. So much so, that those fantastic cruises and designer handbags you used to save for are but distant dreams and the luxuries you crave now are basic and just some of life’s simple, yet wonderful pleasures.

A hot mug of tea or coffee – Yes, I’m sure that just like me, you drink buckets of the stuff everyday, but most of the time it is virtually cold, right? Just finding those spare ten minutes to sit down, relax and enjoy a nice hot cup of your fave beverage is so, so impossible that when it actually happens, it is just like being in your own personal heaven.

A soak in a bath. A lovely warm, bubblicious bath. Where you can just lie back and soak up the blissful peace and quiet. Lock the door and immerse yourself in the simple pleasures in life.

Reading a book and I mean reading a book all the way through, yes till the very end. Not reading the back of the kids cereal box, or, ‘ The Hungry Caterpillar,’ for what has to be the eighth time today. Actually enjoying just sitting and reading a novel. Ahh, such pleasures in what is such a rarity.

Lets face it, the songs that tend to be stuck in my head and I’m sure yours too, are either nursery rhymes or your kid’s favourite TV theme tune – I’m sure that singing, ‘Timmy Time,’ while shopping for groceries, is a sure sign of being ever so slightly on the verge of being insane. Just the idea of being able to listen to a fave track or even know what counts as being, ‘in,’ on the music scene, is damn near impossible.

Woo, it’s Sunday, a lie in! Sleeping in at the weekend and stirring, looking at your clock and realising it is nearly half 7 and yes, the kids are still asleep, wow, a miracle has occurred! The joys of a simple half an hour lie in, is just out of this world.

Going to the toilet and I mean, that rarity of being able to go on your own, by yourself, with the door shut and locked… you know it’s not always possible with a young baby on the loose in the house.

Wearing those outrageous clothes and big massive hoop earrings, without an added accessory of a baby hanging on to the end of them, is a rare moment. Let alone being able to wear those skyscraper, six inch heels without a pushchair as an added accessory, is just pure bliss.

Having your hair washed, cut and styled in an actual proper, you’ve gotten out of the house, hair salon (yes!), by your self (yes!), with no kids getting bored, (yes!) being able to read those trashy but fab magazines and well being supplied with hot drinks for the next hour (yes, yes!) Perfect in my book.

To have all of the above in the same month would be an amazing miracle, in fact, damn near impossible I’d say, but just having two or three a week would keep me happy, lapping in the luxurious life of being a mum.


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