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My life in a nutshell

As I am sat in the park looking at the Yummy Mummies feeding raisins to their perfectly behaved children , my own boys run around with ice cream smeared faces and dangle precariously from climbing frames.

When I was younger, I imagined when I had children they would be two little girls with perfectly plaited hair and frilly dresses, yet here I am with four boisterous boys and I wouldn’t swap it for the world.

I had my oldest son aged 19, swiftly followed by another, then another…and another; in actual fact I had four children by the age of 23. The following years swept by in a blur of milk, sick and poo, sometimes all at the same time. Now here I am, my eldest now 12 and every single day is an adventure.

Take today for example, it’s the school holidays, I work in a school so I’m off too so we decided to visit the park, a normal occurrence in an average family…except before we set off it took at least half an hour to find a stray shoe! I mean, why exactly would you take your shoes off in two different places; one down stairs and one, I later found, hidden in the back of a wardrobe beneath stray footballs and shin pads.

After (finally) setting off and me answering numerous questions on the way there “ Mummmm, can blind people see when they go to heaven?”

Mummmm, why is that man so fat?” …You get my drift?!

We arrive and here I sit, watching Sebastian (okay, I made name that up) eating his nutritious snack and behaving perfectly. My boys are running and screeching and muddy and red faced and that, is exactly as I like it.

I am far from a perfect mother, after the park I burn the evening meal. The boys recognise the smoke alarm as “ it’s tea time”, I cut myself several times whilst cooking, without a doubt I burn myself too. But as I watch them eat ( and watch my non vegetarian children wave bacon in my vegetarian child’s face) I can’t help but feel proud. I made these little people and not a single day goes by when they don’t make me smile, even when one of them puts a foot through the floor boards or I am sat in A and E after yet another fall of a bike or skateboard scrape…they are amazing and they are mine!

Now as they sleep and I prepare myself for tomorrow; my morning shower will no doubt be interrupted by someone wanting to was their (foot)balls. I pour a glass of wine and thank my lucky stars….I never was any good at plaits anyway!



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