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The Life That Goes Into Art – Why Art is Pricey

 As a budding Commission Artist, I frequently get the same questions upon arrival of a keen-eye.

“Your art is great but I wish I could afford it. Why is it so expensive?”

“Your Art is very pricey. Could you tone down the price?”

 “Could you make a special exception for me?”

Art is often pricey due to very good reasons!

1.  Time

There is a considerable amount of time consumption when working with Art. Firstly you have the planning stage, consisting of gathering as much information on the needed requirements, then there is the gathering of materials and, if needed, references,then there’s the major part where the actual production of the work takes place, the final touches then there’s the payment process and the waiting time that often comes with it and finally, the sending/uploading of the final piece. That’s not to mention other things like waiting for responses from the person wanting the work, which often takes time as well, especially when in different time zones.

Part of the payment goes towards the time, just like you pay any worker on the basis of how many hours they work.


2.  Years of Effort – Hard Work and Determination

You may not realise it but the artist you love will have gone through hell and back just to get where they are today. Art is a very difficult subject to apply to the real world, even though it is everywhere. They may have gone through Courses upon Courses through Colleges, Universities and possibly even side-Classes in their free time.

I have worked diligently, every single day since I first found my love for drawing, just to get where I am and I still have a long way to go before I can consider my work the standard match of my own favourite artists. I’ve taken a long route through being completely Anti-social and staying at home throughout life, practising, just because I wanted to achieve my goal, all the way through Education in Primary School, High School and recently finished College, all of which Art was my top priority and straight up to this day, doing work on commission for people across the world over the internet.

Art is a lifetime of hardships, emotions, blood, sweat and tears rolled into one piece of work for all the world to see how all the above has paid off.


My effort through the years has taken me to places that even I didn’t expect. It proves to me that I know my hard work is worth the money people pay me for Commissions.

3.  The Types

This one’s a bit more specific. You see, of course it’ll be more expensive for a more difficult and intricate piece, because it’ll use even more of all of the above. If you, for whatever reason, asked to purchase a very simple piece, perhaps a small-scale drawing without a background, it will of course cost less because it has used less materials, time and effort.

This is a simple thing many people who have come to me complaining do not realise. This is why a lot of Artists set specific prices for specific styles, sizes and colourations beforehand as a guide for easy payment.


4.  The Simple Things in Life Are Not Always Free, Even for Us

Finally, and this is the main reason we need money, that we also have to pay for things. Bills, Clothes, Food. Essentials, really. Also don’t forget the things that get involved with the making of the piece, for example, electric bills for digital art and paint brushes, pencils and canvases for traditional art!

We take everything into account!

I hope you can now understand the prices a little better when looking at art work, whether it be a drawing on a piece of paper or a print on a t-shirt; it’s all the same!

If you would like to take a further look into my work at all, feel free to find me here




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