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Life for Little Darlings….

My good friend, Rose, owns an extremely successful nursery with a waiting list as long as her arm!! She has many other business’s under her wing along with a beautiful family home, two children and a amazing hubby! Rose is proof that if you work hard, you can enjoy the rewards!

Rose answered a few questions for me :-)

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1) How did you get started in your business? I was introduced to business from a very young age. I had a challenge set by my dad to run one of his business’s at the age of 12..I successfully completed the challenge and negotiated a sizeable percentage for my rewards.

2) Have you studied a course or taken any qualifications for your chosen career? I have  ran many business’s successfully over the years with no qualification, except experience gained along the way.  However, my passion is children for this I studied NVQ level 3. Little Darlings Kindergarten was a present to myself for all my achievements over the years and I am lucky enough to be in a position of doing something I love, irrespective of profit, that is totally irrelevant.

3) How have you balanced work-life/family and avoided burnout? I have two children, running business’s and being parents is always going to be difficult. However, Brian and I were adamant that our children would always come first. We always had the pleasure of taking and picking up our children from school. Either one of us would do it. We regularly took holidays and spent a lot of family quality time.

4) What are you most proud of? My children are my greatest accomplishment.

5) Have you faced any challenges being a women in this male dominated world? Yes, But if I could negotiate with my Dad at the age of 12 then I knew I would be ok.

I never really seen men as the dominant force, maybe because I was brought up with 7 brothers. However, you  really need to decide what it is you want before meetings and don’t walk out with anything less.

6) Is life turning out just how you planned it? Couldn’t be better

7) What do you love the most about your partner? Most things, he is a truly amazing person

8) Do you have any regrets?  None whatsoever

9) Whats your partners most irritating habit? He is OCD about most things, where as I am very laid back..But I guess that what makes us a great partnership

10) Whats your ultimate vision? Ultimate vision…For me I have achieved most of what I set out to do, successful business’s from Construction, Hotels, Restaurants ,Holiday complexes,Property portfolio’s and much more, all have come with  stress’s but with the rewards of knowing the success of each business has been orchestrated by you. For my children I ultimately want them to be happy and successful in their own right, whatever that might be.



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