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Life at 21 – the other side

I feel stuck in my life at the moment as I have struggled to find a full time job all year, whilst my friends are moving on with their lives by finishing uni, getting engaged and building their own families. I’m not jealous, I just feel stuck in a rut, and having people moving fast around you only makes you feel worse. I can’t be the only 21 year old that feels like this right? I mean I have no stable job, no boyfriend/girlfriend and no future from what I can tell. Its difficult waking up in the morning knowing you have no job to go to or friends to see as they all live miles away, or are at uni or on holiday.

A lot of women, including me thought as a girl turns 21 it would be full of partying and amazing memories to last a life time. Don’t get me wrong it comes with that as well, but what people forget to mention is the other side of 21. Many of my friends are of the same age and suffering from depression and anxiety such as myself. No one prepares you for how harsh life can be once you leave the safe surroundings of school/college/uni. I myself struggled to transition from college to full time work. I found by talking to my friends that they have a lot of the same issues. I think especially for women it’s a lot of pressure, for we are always feeling the need to fit in or be accepted. I have had some great experiences being 21, such as drinking till you can’t remember etc but I have also started getting major depression which I feel affects more women then men.

Self harm is also a major problem with teenagers and young adults. I battle with self harm everyday. Its like a war not to hurt myself and as I have gotten older it seems less ‘acceptable’ to self harm than it is for say, teenagers, why is this I wonder? People can start self harming at any age, for a number of different reasons. Adult self injury should be just as recognised¬†as teenage self injury, its just as important. People should be able to get help no matter what your age or background.

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  • cherclee@yahoo.com cherclee@yahoo.com says:

    firstly self-harm doesn’t solve anything , and it’s good that you are fighting the urge, please stay strong, i agree there is a lot of pressure on you at 21, I’m 21 and trying to get my life to get going is very hard but just remember you are not alone. You can succeed if you keep going.

    • Rosy George Rosy George says:

      Hi I know that’s how I feel, just one of the reasons why I want to stop. I know being on here shows me I’m not alone. Thank you Cher :)

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