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Let it go, let it gooooo……..

I’m laying in bed on a Saturday morning.  My eyes are barely open and there it is….. AGAIN, for the gazillionth time!

“Let it go, let it goooooo…. can’t hold it back anymorrrrre…..”

I don’t think a song has ever grated on me so much! I’ve even started shooing my daughter away as she starts to belt out those lyrics.  Again, and again, and again. Do not get me wrong.  Her dad took her to watch it at the cinema and it’s all she talked about.  The world went ‘Frozen’ crazy and I (curiosity killed the cat springs to mind!) just HAD to go and purchase the DVD to see what all the fuss was about.

The storyline is cute, if not a little out there (what Disney film isn’t?) and I love how they portray love to be about family, rather than a man loving a woman and vice versa.

Still, to all you parents out there, I feel your pain!




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