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Kitchen gadgets, candles or cushions?

Just as there are three types of women when it comes to accessories; handbags, shoes or belts, homeowners tend to fall into three main categories:

1)      The Kitchen Gadget Compulsive Buyers

2)      The Candles, incense sticks and smelly stuff lovers

3)      The cushions, buntings and rugs obsessive’s.

I personally am a kitchen gadget compulsive, which is ironic, as anyone who has tasted my cooking can tell you. I cannot resist shiny gadgets, colour co-ordinated thingy-bobs and magic tools that make your kitchen complete. I have the following; bread maker, frozen dessert maker, vegetable noodle maker,  smoothie machine,  baby food steamer and blender in one, cake pop moulds, silicon bakeware… the list goes on and on. I can’t help myself. I like nothing more than to wander around a department store kitchen section and fiddle with knobs, plungers and twiddly bits (erotic hey). I know they are unnecessary and will make little difference to my dinner time staple of cheese omelette, but I can’t resist.

So ladies, over to you… which category do you fall into?


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