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Kicking the habit – breaking away from the bottle

How many of us have questioned when is the right time to take our babies off bottles? My little lady has always been bottle fed and because she was such a tiny baby she was on 6 bottles per day for a long time, in fact until she was 12 months. Little did I know that by this time you should have successfully weaned them off bottles and introduced all drinks to them in a Sippy cup… no one had told me this, how was I supposed to know? I read the odd baby book and speak to other mums and yet somehow I had missed this point entirely. So I started, albeit a few months late. I introduced a Sippy cup which may as well have been a hose pipe for the amount of water that soaked the furniture, the floor, the baby, me – pretty much anything that wasn’t the baby’s mouth. I tried putting milk in the cup instead but she knew. With a cunning smile she would lift it up to her lips and then rotate it 360 degrees with the speed and dexterity of a jungle cat so that the milk poured all over the floor. Or else she would throw the cup across the room, this was particularly dangerous if we were in company or worse, a restaurant as other patrons would run the risk of being nearly knocked unconscious by a flying Sippy cup! I’ve also lost count of how many times I have nearly bent my thumb back trying to open the damn thing – I understand that it has to be child proof but it’s practically adult proof.

Babies are smart. Smarter than we give them credit for. On the days that my little lady goes to nursery she doesn’t have any milk at all because she refuses to take bottles from them. This does her no harm and she happily gets through the day playing and having fun without a second thought to the milk she is missing out on. I tried to adopt the same approach at home with not so good results. I ended up with a full on tantrum child, crying, wailing and putting her head on the floor until I gave in and she nuzzled into me happily taking her bottle until she fell into a deep milk sleep.

I’ve finally got it down to 2 bottles per day. One as soon as she wakes up and one before bed. There is the occasional day when she will want a bottle in the afternoon which is fine, I don’t want to change too much too soon, so for now if she wants an extra bottle I let her have it. I know that only too soon she won’t be having bottles at all and she will no longer nuzzle into me so I am making the most of it!


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