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Is it just me?

So for a few years now I’ve been into guys and looking at dating and seeing my friends enter relationships and I don’t know how they do it. I rarely go out due to my anxiety problems so talking to an old friend on Facebook I realise that there used to be a connection when we went to college together. I’d love to see him again, after all it’s been a year, but how the hell am I supposed to bring that up?!

It’s been the unwritten rule for years that guys should make the first move. Women who ask a guy out have always been seen as needy and desperate, and with that stigma, is it any wonder why so many women are single but looking through rose tinted glasses at the dilemmas that face us; that being men not taking the hint. To me, it seems men don’t see that always making an effort to see how they are or even saying that we’re lonely is a message to make a move. I have a theory that we could scream “I’M REALLY INTO YOU” into their faces and they still wouldn’t understand where we’re coming from.

My question is… is it just me who sees this? Is it just me who is too scared to make a first move and tell a guy how I feel or even ask a guy to go for a drink? I get my words muddled when I even touch on the topic of a date with a guy, not that I’ve ever even been on a real date before (how tragic is that?!). In this day and age, chivalry is dying out. Talking to a male friend the other day about dates and who should ask who, he was saying he would ask a girl to the cinema then for a meal then for a romantic stroll, to me, that sounds perfect, but I’ve heard from some of my girl friends that their boyfriends see a date as sitting in his car with a takeaway, classy. So is it really just me or are women still seen as the ones who should just wait around for the guys? Let me know.


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