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Not just a pretty face!

We live in a superficial society, where everyone’s main goal is to be attractive and we all go to extreme lengths to achieve the ‘perfect’ look. But perfection does not exist. We are all individuals with our own flaws and insecurities but instead of embracing them we feel inadequate to others that appear more attractive on the outside, but what about the inside? Doesn’t that matter too? Recent studies have shown that modern men are attracted to intelligent women, not just those who are just extremely attractive.

We believe that all men want to be with a woman with supermodel looks and a perfect body but in fact, what many of them actually want are confident, intelligent, honest and independent women. I’m not saying that all men want this but it’s surprising how many men find intelligence to be an important trait when looking for a woman.

As a gender, women tend to obsess over their appearance, I must shave my legs, my eyebrows have to be perfect, I have to wear make up to be pretty and I need to wear revealing clothes for men to notice me. WRONG. Men are not as superficial as we make them out to be. In fact, it is women who are more likely to make judgements solely based on a man’s appearance.

So next time you apply the mascara and wear a push up bra to attract the opposite sex, think about how you can impress them with your mind. You may have an outgoing personality, an unusual hobby or a similar interest to them. Who says that women can’t be brainy and beautiful? Read a classic novel, learn a new language or learn about the stars. Looks fade over time but intelligence is something that you will always have. Don’t focus on just being beautiful on the outside, focus on the beauty within yourself.

Why does society feel the need to put women into certain boxes? Intelligent or beautiful? Smart or Pretty? I think women can be both. So hold your head up high girls and say I’m brainy and beautiful, society may think otherwise but who cares? There are several definitions of beauty and there are many different ways that a person can be intelligent, being beautiful or clever isn’t something that can always be defined; it’s something that anyone can be.


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