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My journey to natural skincare…or why I rub oil in my face everyday

Ok, so for the second time I’m on Roaccutane. After trying a string of doctor prescribed medicine over two years, I was first prescribed Roaccutane on the NHS at 15 and I believe I took 3x 15mg three times a day, although I don’t 100% remember the mg of the dosage. My skin was left mostly clear, although I definitely still had bad black heads on my nose and got hormonal spots on my chin monthly. Fast forward to 22 and and in April 2013, I very suddenly developed horrendous, deep cysts on my chin which took a long time to clear up and were leaving dark marks. They would grow bigger and bigger until they burst and I would end up with scabs and cysts at various stages covering my chin. My skin was also beyond oily, my make up would melt off my face within an hour and I was powdering every half an hour or so.

So what products did I try?

First off was The Body Shop seaweed range of cream cleanser, serum toner and moisturiser (the day one which I used both night and day). This actually worked well at balancing my skin and the areas that weren’t my chin became very even and clear, but it did nothing to help my chin cysts and so I decided to switch to the The Body Shop tea tree range. I used the foaming wash-off cleanser, the toner and the oil free moisturiser night and day. This didn’t do anything for me. I think my skin became quite aggravated from the soapy ness of the the foaming cleanser and my cysts didn’t improve. I was left feeling very dry skinned  and as a result my skin became more and more oily to compensate. Around this time I read about AHA’s treating scars and brought Dr Darren Mckeown AHA Active Radiance Cleanser as my skin was more and more scarred.

Do not be fooled by this cleanser! This was possibly the worst thing I ever put on my face, within days the cysts were worse and my cheeks and nose were now covered in white headed spots too. Apparently AHA’s speed up skins turnover and break you out more than ever. I was scaring worse than ever. My whole face was covered.

I decided to try Liz Earl, the classic routine: cleanse and polish, the toner and the light moisturiser. I know these are cult products to many, even my mother, but for me they made my skin 1000x worse, particularly the moisturiser. It certainly wasn’t ‘light’ even the smallest amount left my skin feeling almost waxy and SO greasy. Applying make up was near impossible as nothing would stick, and I would have to apply huge vats of powder just to take myself down to ‘dewy’. It was awful and my skin got worse!

So I went back to my GP.

The first thing prescribed was Zineryt. It’s normally the first point of call for GPs and I was not happy. I had used this several times first acne round and knew it did very little for me. I also read up a lot on the Manuka Doctor Api Clear range and ordered the cleansing wash, serum and moisturiser, these helped a little, though the serum and moisturiser left my face feeling clammy and I always felt like my pores were blocked up by them right after the cleanser had cleared them all out. But I continued to use this routine, went back to my GP and was prescribed the antibiotic Tetralysal and alongside this I used the over- the- counter cream Quinoderm 10. This worked for about three months right through until December 2013, until I became immune to the antibiotics and broke out again. I continued to take them for another three months anyway (rightly or wrongly upping my dosage to 2 or 3 a day rather than the prescribed 1) And was prescribed a cream which I think was a type of Clindamycin – neither worked. I did now change my cleansing product by starting to use only cold pressed organic Jojoba Oil to cleanse morning and night – massaging it into my face and scrubbing off with a muslin cloth, this seriously improved my skin tone and stopped the oil production in my face. Other measures I took for about 7 months was becoming vegetarian (minimising the hormones going into my body) and taking 2x the maximum daily dose of vitamin D (I’d heard this worked -it doesn’t).

But as my skin still wasn’t totally clear I took myself along to a private dermatologist who prescribed 20mg Roaccutane a day for 8 months. And I was clear in 2 weeks. All these products I had used cost a fortune and didn’t help. Now I use 100% natural, organic products whilst on Roaccutane and am confident when I come off the drug my skin will keep clear if I continue to use all natural product. Everyday all I do is cleanse off my make up with Jojoba Oil and use the Enzymion moisturiser by Lush which is great at oil control and also has a whole lemon in every tub – and I have read that lemons bleach marks left by spots and help even skin tone, which. I think Enzymion has partially done. I also occasionally tone my face with natural, organic Rose Water, which smells amazing and really makes your skin feel firm and supple.

I certainly don’t endorse Roaccutane, it’s a controversial drug and I’ve suffered the side affects, for me it was a last resort. But now I’ve learnt that for my oily, acne prone skin; 100% natural, organic products are best. If you think about it, your skin soaks everything up and if you wouldn’t eat eat it, why rub it into your skin?

Give natural a go, you might be surprised at the change to your skin.


  • I am trying to stick with natural products, lots of tea tree and honey products which are amazing! Especially honey!

  • Georgia Georgia says:

    Yes, I’ve recently started using Manuka Honey as a face scrub and it’s been incredible. The natural sugars in it exfoliate and it’s very moisturising as well as antibacterial.

  • Mrs Abby Mrs Abby says:

    Try Coconut Oil too Georgia :) Its fabulous and I use it for everything xx

  • Love love natural products. I literally just squirt raw honey all over my face, leave it on for 10-15 minutes and rinse it off. Vaseline petroleum jelly as a night cream on face neck and chest…and sometimes bum cheeks. Sorted!
    I also use rose hip face scrub from Holland & Barret when I feel I need a good pore cleanse…also sometimes use it on my bum cheeks. Haha!

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