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Where are all the jobs?

I hate the fact that most graduates in the UK are unemployed for at least six months before they find a job and even then it isn’t the job that they were hoping for. What’s the point in spending three years of your life working hard, putting yourself in debt and almost tearing your hair out with stress if you can’t do something with your degree? It all seems pretty pointless to me. I really enjoyed my degree but now I’m at home, bored and waiting for a job to appear. I’m starting to feel frustrated with the lack of jobs in my area.

I’ve been searching extensively for a job since April, when I completed my final university class. I wanted to get ahead and apply for positions early. I did everything right but I’ve had no results. I have applied for loads of jobs, I’ve had two unsuccessful interviews but I’m still searching job sites daily to find a job that will kick start my career. When is the world going to give me a break? I work hard; I’ve done my share of voluntary positions, I’ve built my portfolio. I think I have enough talent and I know I have the ambition but nobody wants to take the chance and hire me for a full time position :(

There is something that is more frustrating than my current position; it’s the people around me. They are starting to sound like a broken record; they keep saying ‘why don’t you just get ANY job?’ Well, I don’t want just ANY job. I didn’t just spend three years of my life studying a degree for nothing. I don’t want to spend months doing a job that I don’t enjoy. I feel like I would be taking a step backwards and I want to move forward. Start a career and start doing what I love doing, write. I would love to either write for a magazine, work in a publishing house or go into copy writing but it’s so difficult to get a junior position these days!

It’s frustrating, when I search the job app on my phone every day that there aren’t many writing related jobs in the Manchester area. The majority of the sector is located in London, which is seriously annoying. I don’t want to move down south, I like it in the north but there are more job opportunities in London. I often wonder why publishing companies and magazines are only in London. What about the rest of the UK? Don’t we deserve something in the north too?

I keep hoping for the best and I’ve come to terms with the fact that now that I will have to just get any job, I don’t have the choice any more. Possibly a retail job, temporary work in a café or small shop, as long as it’s something. It’s only going to be temporary and it will only be a last resort because my bank account is looking emptier by the minute. What it won’t do is dampen my ambition. I will get to where I want to be and if that means I have to cross a few more stepping stones to get there, then I will have to hold my head up high and say – I’m not giving up, I’m on my way to achieving my dream.


  • Emma, good luck in finding a job that is both desirable and suitable.
    As a writer too, I understand the frustration of finding work unless you live and work from London – something that’s not on the grand agenda for many talented writers across the country! Perseverance goes a long way in this industry, so hold on out and the right thing *will* come eventually. :) xx

  • I know that feeling :(
    I live in the North too and there are barely any Design jobs here, so I understand your frustration. The UK is not just London. This article resonated with me.

  • I just stayed in my job from Uni and went straight into an admin job and I get home and I’m usually too fed up to write anything :\ xx

  • Fiona Ward Fiona Ward says:

    Good luck Emma, and don’t ever give up on your dreams even if you have to take something temp to tide you over. I opened my tarot business 2 years ago and my own shop last year, but the shop didn’t work out and I am now starting a part time temp contract at a supermarket in two weeks. But I am still developing the tarot side of the business, and working on developing my writing. Keep going, your time will come. If you believe you have something purposeful to deliver then you will succeed xx

  • Ashley Ashley says:

    This sounds way too familiar for many of us I think. I’m still struggling to find a job (for the third time now) and I’m about to start my third year of University! Maybe try making opportunities for yourself, follow the publishing houses/newspapers etc on twitter and make yourself known to them, then if it looks like there’s an opportunity coming you can jump on it a little faster than those who stumble upon vacancies on the Job Centre site.. It’s worked for me in the past, hopefully you’ll have just as much luck!

  • I’m the same!! I am doing a job that I don’t like. Don’t like at all and , what’s more important, it has absolutely nothing to do with what I studied! Linguistics, British arts, and now also drama school. My passion is in acting and writing but I’m doing a job that has nothing to do with either of them. Been here for a year now. I AM in London, and still can’t find anything degree-related. Let’s just keep fighting and keep looking and the opportunities will appear soon. :)

  • Silvia says:

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  • Cher Clee Cher Clee says:

    This sounds familiar, here I am recent graduate some experience in an admin role and I cant find a job, all the jobs I’d like to do (writing) are in London and all the others want someone who has more experience and doesn’t have a pointless creative writing degree.

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