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The Job Waiting Game

Lately I’ve been finding the whole ‘job waiting game’ pretty tedious. When I finished uni in May I knew finding a job, let alone one I actually wanted, would be hard. I’ve applied, interviewed, been rejected, not even had a reply, and still I carry on looking and waiting. It can hardly be described as a waiting game anymore as it’s in no way fun at all!

Since finishing uni it feels like it’s been months of just nothingness. I’ve applied for so many places and I’m either over-qualified so they think I won’t stick it out, or I don’t have enough experience and they aren’t willing to give me a shot. I just need a bit of a break; a lot of us do, I know I’m not the only one. I have several friends who are in exactly the same position and I know a lot of people think it’s whining and graduates just need to ‘try a bit harder’, but at the moment my mission to find a job is all my life is revolving around and until I get one everything else is on pause.

Right now I’m waiting for a reply to a job I really want. It’s not related to writing or the field I want to eventually be part of, but I know it’s something I will enjoy more than the typical mainstream retail jobs. My interview was two days ago and the process went well, but there are only two places available and there were eight other people there with me. Two of which were quite loud as well as lovely, so of course my brain keeps telling me they’ll probably have got it. Why do our brains even create thoughts like that? I’ve always been quite a shy person, but I try my best to push through it. Given the choice I’d much rather write than speak, but at the moment that isn’t bringing any money in and my bank balance is fast approaching zero.

On the way to the interview I composed myself, tried to exhale all the nerves and focused on what was ahead; telling myself I want and need this job so I’m going to try my absolute best to get it. No being shy or quiet! I arrived at the place and all the staff were there to greet me, they were nice and chatty, and I deliberately tried my best to make comments and chat to the other candidates waiting. I basically tried to get myself noticed as someone who would do well working as a team and being a part of the company, whilst trying not to be too in-your-face! I found out at the interview that I’d actually already done well to get to that process as 200 people applied for the job and only ten were invited in (one guy didn’t show up). The opening talk and interview lasted just over an hour, and I think it did go really really well. Driving home I felt good about it.

That was two days ago, and since then the waiting and the questions have been driving me crazy! What if I don’t get it? Where do I apply to next? Those two other people were just so much louder than me. They’ll get it. Unless they were too loud? But they were lovely as well… One had a holiday booked so maybe that’ll be an issue? – It’s been terrible! I feel like this is the perfect job for me and I want it more than any of the others I’ve applied for.

Here’s hoping I hear something soon. I can’t wait for this horrendous waiting game to be over.

Fingers crossed!


  • Silvia says:

    I’ve been in this situation since July, luckily I got a job I wanted at the beginning of this month. It’s been hard but I’ve learnt a lot along the way. Good luck with your job search, hope you get the one you wanted! :)

  • Don’t worry Becky! I’m sure you will find the perfect job really soon. It really is a waiting game but don’t forget – good things come to those who wait :)

    Fingers crossed for you :) xxx

    • Becky Hayes Becky Hayes says:

      Thank you Emma-Jane! Just got an email saying I’m through to the next stage, so keep those fingers crossed :) xx

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