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What I’ve learnt while working at weddings

Before starting my job as a head waitress/front of house staff member for several weddings, I had assumed that my shifts would get a bit samey but really the venue has been the only similarity.

From a woodland wedding for a young and trendy Chinese couple to a reggae-style day, it comes as no surprise why this special occasion takes months or sometimes even longer to prepare.

One thing which has stood out to me in particular is the choice of flowers. They can light up a room or clash entirely with the colour scheme. Sometimes the gift of flowers for the Bride and Groom’s parents is a bouquet which is larger than the centre pieces. It’s interesting to see who deems them as a high priority for their special day and who doesn’t, after all – they do go down the aisle too.

Something I’ve also found can sometimes be focused on less is the evening buffet. From an extravagant hog roast to simple slices of pizza, there is a whole range of options for the couple to choose from for their evening guests. More often than not, the one thing the those attending want after a day of celebration and drinking is a bacon roll, and the look on some people’s faces when they see a bundle of them presented for them in the evening will tell you just that.

Lastly, the bride’s shoes on the day never fail to amaze me. I am not referring to the stunning heels worn to walk down the aisle in, but the array of footwear I have seen brides change into for the evening reception. From flip flops to personalised Converse, they have always ensured the shoes match their dress perfectly, maintaining style as well as comfort – always a very wise move.


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