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Is this the most romantic thing ever?

Many of you will already be aware of the now infamous speech that Tom Fletcher (of the band McFly) made at his wedding. It has become such a popular video that it has been watched close to a staggering 15 million times. So what makes it so special and gut-wrenchingly romantic?

In pace of the standard groom’s toast, Tom opts to take McFly songs and re-write the words, to thank each and every person that has played a part in the wedding. For his groomsmen, the rest of McFly, hilarious candid photos accompany banter-fuelled appreciation but despite the laughing, there is clearly a lot of love shared between each of the guys. Not missing out anybody, Tom goes on to thank the bridesmaids, Giovanna’s parents and then his own parents (tear-jerking stuff!), but it is when he gets to the part where he thanks Giovanna, his new wife, that it becomes something else altogether.

To the tune of All About You, a song originally penned by Tom for Giovanna, while they were dating, he sets out how he will be the best husband he can be and how she has changed his life for the better. I defy even the hardest hearted viewers to not choke back a little tear, especially when the choir kicks in to really hammer the point home that he is utterly and hopelessly devoted to her.

The onslaught of comments below the video, on YouTube, make it clear that every woman now feels extremely hard done by to not receive the same levels of effort and adulation at her wedding and men everywhere have conceded defeat and accepted that Tom has set the bar  a little too high, even for the most romantic of men, but is that really the case?

Romance is one of the most subjective things in the world, surely? What one person may see as a beautiful gesture, others may think of as tacky or without meaning. So, as it’s Valentine’s Day, comment below the most romantic thing that has ever happened to you!

If you haven’t seen the wedding speech, click HERE.


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