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Investing in a Franchise…worth it????

I would like to start a business in the underwear/lingerie industry! Whether that be from design to production or just to market and sell, I cant decide! There are some fabulous brands available with strong reputations but i’m also interested in seeing projects from start to finish.

I want to set up online businesses as online marketing is a big part of our main business. I also think that larger ladies tend to prefer shopping online. Online is more accessible for the less confident women and women who are just too busy to go into town!

iamfranchising_submit   entrepreneur

My husband thinks I should look into joining a franchise! Do any of you lovely ladies have any experiences to share regarding investing into a Franchise? Any problems faced? Good and bad bits? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!


I found an interesting website www.entrepreneur.com. It has lots of guides available to download!

How to Research and Buy a Franchise -http://www.entrepreneur.com/franzone/guide/

What is a franchise opportunity and how do you investigate the myriad choices available? And once you choose the one you want, where do find the money to pay for it? Our easy-to-follow guide offers all the information you need to find and buy a franchise.


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