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An Interview With Rowan Cheshire – Olympian

Rowan Cheshire is one of the new generation of future GB Olympic stars. We interviewed her to find out what it’s like to be a female international sports personality.

You took up skiing after your Dad enjoyed it, but did you take to it straight away? Did you find it relatively easy? How well did the dry slope prepare you for snow?
At the start I took to it relatively easily. I did have those frustrating times when I found it hard to turn and do some manoeuvres. The dry slope prepared me pretty well, obviously it’s a bit of a shock going from plastic to snow but you get used to it after a few runs!

What made you want to try tricks as appose to sticking with standard downhill skiing?
I watched some of the guys at my local slope doing freestyle and thought it looked really fun, and I had got a little bored just going top to bottom. So I took part in one of the freestyle camps and just loved it.

Have you been surprised by how much public support you have gained in such a short amount of time?
Yes!! It’s amazing how many people have taken to the sport and want to get involved. It was crazy; after I won the Calgary world cup and the crash in the Olympics my phone just blew up. (Rowan was injured in the Olympics, preventing her from actually competing)

Would you have ever guessed, aged 11 that just 7 years later you would be training for the winter Olympics?
No, it just started as a hobby to do at the weekends. I always did look up to the Olympics when I was younger and thought it would be amazing to compete in them but never really expected to be there!

What advice would you give to other girls who dream of being an Olympian? Did you get any advice that has stayed with you?
I would say that just keep at it, everyone has those moments of doubt but you can overcome that. Also just enjoy your sport, if you’re enjoying it you’re more likely to do well and reach your goals.

What is your most memorable moment so far?
Definitely winning the Calgary World Cup and the Olympics, such amazing experiences.

What is your ultimate ambition, the one thing that will stop you resting until you achieve it?
Winning a medal at the Olympics and the X Games.

So there you have it, a short and sweet interview because Rowan is busy training for the winter season events. One thing is clear, she is a young woman who has little difficulty balancing the Olympic hopes of her country on her mature shoulders. Bouncing back from injury with determination and drive, she is, without a doubt, ‘one to watch’.

For more information about Rowan, please visit her website here.


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