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An interview with Matt Richardson

I recently got to interview one of my favourites, Matt Richardson, stand-up comedian, TV personality and DJ. Back in March I had the pleasure of seeing Matt’s stand up show live, although I took a lot of stick as I was sat on the front row, it was still one of the best comedy sets I have seen. I reviewed it for my blog, he retweeted it, it sent my views crazy! This week Matt played my University Christmas Ball, I asked for an interview and I got one. Matt was the perfect gentleman, standing up when I entered the backstage room, remembering my name, and all the stuff we had talked about before and offering me a drink. We talked about his recent delve into the DJ’ing world, his comedy and even covered the whole Gemma Collins debalce. We had a beer, we had a chat and here its is…

*Disclaimer: Contains Swearing*

SO DJ’ing? A bit different?

Yeah, very different, but it’s just one of those things when you kinda do a bit of tele, and I guess I’ve got a bit of a music connection because of X Factor that’s people start to ask you to do because you know people like Laura Whitmore and Matt Edmondson and all those DJ, so I’m like them but really cheap! So that’s why I get booked to DJ, but it’s really good fun, I enjoy it actually, It’s a very different buzz from doing stand-up.

So, what’s your set like?

I don’t know really, I thought it was quite mainstream, but I did a gig the other day actually, and I think it’s quite dancey, there isn’t a lot of cheese really, there is a couple of Christmas songs late on for this time of year, so like mainstream dancey but still fairly accessible.

What’s your favourite song you’re going to play?

I’ll Play ‘Mr Brightside’ towards the end, then the Christmas songs, ‘Mr Brightside’ is the song from when me and my mates used to go out or go to a party like, that would be our last song, our big song of the night so that’s why I’m playing that.

But comedy is still your main priority right?

Yeah, comedy is still my main thing, so one of the great things about DJ’ing is say for example tonight, I did a comedy gig in London, then still came up here to DJ because you’re on at like 1 or 2 in the morning so you can do both, and it’s really nice, a really lovely little extra thing. I’m still doing comedy, I’m trying to write a new tour for next year, because I finished my tour in June, so I’m just trying to write that at the moment, and really struggling with it so..

I’m sure you’ll be alright…

Hopefully, but genuinely I have zero jokes yet haha.

Is there a public figure that makes your job as a comedian really easy?

Probably the easy one at the moment is Nigel Farage, I guess, but I don’t really talk about politics that much, I’ve started a little bit trying to tap into it, but he makes comedy easy for a lot of people, he is an idiot. The problem is, he’s an idiot but loads of people agree with him!

Who’s your comedy hero then?

Probably Greg Davies, he’s the teacher in the inbetweeners for anybody who doesn’t know, but he’s an amazing stand up, he’s phenomenal, I saw his show in Edinburgh in 2010, and it’s the best hour of stand-up I have ever seen!

Does all your comedy come from the truth, or do you make it up a little bit?

Most of my stuff starts with a grain of truth and then I’ll fictionalise it a little bit, but all my stuffs really personal, like about my family and friends, so I don’t quite remember what the real story is because I’ve made so much of it up. Basically I’m a pathological liar for a job.

How do you deal with a joke that bombs?

I usually just tell the audience that they are wrong, that’s what I do, I ask them how many times they’ve all got together and laughed at jokes, this is the first time. Then say, how many times have I done this? Loads. You’re incorrect. I’m a genius. That’s what I usually do which makes things worse rather than makes things better.

Have you ever had an audience really turn on you?

Yeah! Loads of times! I did a gig on Wednesday, it’s something that’s really hard for comedy because its Christmas party season, and I did this gig and it was awful, it was in this this club where there was loads of Christmas parties in and I was literally dying on my arse and I did a joke and it fell flat, and I just went, “Come on guys!” and this bloke went “Just so you know, we are really trying to enjoy this…” so that’s the last time an audience really turned on me, two days ago.

So, that’s a bad side, but what is your favourite part of your profession?

Being able to do my own shows in theatres, arts centres and comedy clubs, and having loads of people come see me do an hour and ten minutes of talking about wanking, as you know, as you know! (I saw Matt’s stand up show back in March!)

Yep, I remember! You’ve been going for a while now haven’t you?

Yeah, I started about five years ago.

Have you changed your style since you first began?

Erm, I’m probably angrier than I was! At the start I was like ‘isn’t everything amazing!’ whereas now, I’m like ‘fucking hell, isn’t this weird!’ so I started of really positive and now I’ve become more negative over time.

But that’s a trait of comedians anyway isn’t it?

Yeah, everyone says we slowly become bitter and horrible! I don’t know really, I don’t think I’ve changed too much, I think with most comics, no one really changes style because you can only do the thing you really do and just stick with it, no one consciously says ‘I’m going to be a one liner comedian’, no one goes ‘Fuck, I’ve got my first gig coming up, I’m going to try this’ so they just stick with what they are good at, and it works.

You’re playing our Christmas party tonight, have you got a favourite thing about Christmas?

Erm, I’m going away for Christmas this year which I’m really excited for because I’m not massively Christmassy, so I’m going to the Sun, so that’ll be good, I’m going to San Francisco for Christmas, but my favourite think about Christmas, I’m going with my family, my mum, dad and brother, so just seeing them is my favourite thing about Christmas, I was at home last Christmas, but I’ve moved out since then, so that really.

Okay, one last thing, during ‘I’m a celebrity’ I noticed your tweets in support for Gemma Collins, and I really appreciated that coming from a guy!?

(Matt tweeted: Yep. Fat shame Gemma Collins to make yourself feel better. You’re still sat at home watching her on TV. She wins.)

It just blows my mind, so I did a show last year, a panel show called Viral Tap, I did it with another comedian called Carly Smallman and every week the only abuse I would get is ‘you’re not funny, you’re shit’ and the only abuse she would ever get is ‘you’re fat, you’re ugly’ and all that, and it just blew my mind, like no one ever once commented on what I look like and I just think its mad, I mean even if you think she’s not funny, that’s fine, but it’s irrelevant what she looks like. So that’s why I have a bit of a passion about it, like the whole Gemma Collins thing, she was a bit of a knob for leaving the jungle so soon, I don’t disagree with that, like she was a bit of a dick, why say what she looks like, she knows what she looks like, she’s got a mirror.

Matt is currently gigging and DJ’ing around the country, and is writing his next tour for 2015.

The original audio of the interview is available at the link below, but its unedited and raw, so you have to just take it for what it is, there’s background noise, I’ve had a couple of drinks at this point, but it is nice to listen to!

Me & Matt!

Me and Matt!


Matt: @MattRichardson3

Me: @Jemsicle


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