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An interview with Giovanna Fletcher

Author, actress, mum. Giovanna Fletcher has turned multi-tasking into a beautiful art form and you know what else? She is one of the sweetest, most fantastic people I have ever had the privilege to interview. Always ready with a quick reply, a handful of kisses and a certain kind of warmth that cannot be faked, it comes as no surprise that her books are as well received as she is liked. Oh, and did I mention that she happens to be blissfully married to a rockstar that was her childhood sweetheart? Well she is, and in his words, it really is All About You Gi…

Women Make Waves (WMW) – You attended the Sylvia Young Theatre School, what were your early career aspirations and how have they developed?

Gi – After seeing Sylvia on Live and Kicking one morning I knew I wanted nothing more than to go to her school. I wanted to be an actress (and marry Michael Jackson, but let’s not talk about that!). My career aspirations have developed and evolved to include writing as well – I’m loving the path I’m currently on and seeing where projects take me. I’d love to ‘do it all’.

(WMW) – When did you decide to focus on writing? And when did magazine freelancing develop into novel writing?

Gi – My acting career had hit a quiet patch so I decided to look for other things I enjoyed doing. I did some work experience at Heat magazine, which progressed into me writing book reviews for them. A few people along the way suggest I start writing myself seeing as I loved reading so much. One day I decided to take some great advice from a friend and just did it – I started writing and have enjoyed every second of the experience so far.

(WMW) – Did you ever have a ‘pinch me’ moment when your first book, Billy and Me was published?

Gi – Yes, totally! I had a party the night before publication and had to give a speech about the book, thanking my team and stuff… it was a surreal moment.

(WMW) – Now you are a best-selling author, do you think you have found your ‘dream career’ or are you open to other opportunities and projects?

Gi – I’m open to look at opportunities when they arise, although I know I’m very fortunate to find a career that I love – and one that allows me to spend the majority of my time in my pjs! Ha!
(I nod along sagely, realising that I spend most of my day in a onesie or pyjamas)

(WMW) – Would you ever be tempted to have a stint in reality TV like your brother or start a band like your hubby?

Gi – To be honest, yes to both –  although, it would depend on the format for a reality TV show. I’d love to do ‘I’m a Celeb’ or something similar. I think that would be so much fun. As for a band… am I too old already? I really enjoy doing duets with Tom (Fletcher from McFly/McBusted) on YouTube though – I’d stopped singing for years, so it’s lovely to experience the joy of it all over again.

(WMW) – Talking of family, congratulations on the beautiful Buzz! Many women say that having a baby changed their lives entirely, but Buzz seems to have been the perfect addition to a very happy life, did he arrive at the perfect time for you?

Gi – I think what I’ve learned is that there’s NO perfect time when it comes to having a baby. You just have to roll with it.

(WMW) – Do you think Buzz will follow in yours and Tom’s footsteps into a creative industry when he is older?

Gi – Who knows! He might surprise us and become a scientist… I think Tom would love that! Whatever makes him happy…

(WMW) – What is your attitude towards post-baby weight loss? So many new mums appear to be desperate to shed any extra pounds they have gained during their pregnancy and are back to their normal size within a month! That seems crazy to me, but what do you think?

Gi – I understand why some women want to regain their figure over night, and few are lucky enough to achieve that effortlessly (they shouldn’t be bashed for their great genes). I knew I wouldn’t be that fortunate, however, I also understood that weight gain was all a part of becoming a mum. I made a deal with myself not to beat myself up over it – my body had just completed its biggest achievement, I didn’t want to start hating on it. Likewise, I wasn’t about to start grueling sessions at the gym – it felt more important to me to spend that time cuddling my gorgeous new bubba. The weight will come off eventually, but your baby will only be that small once.

(WMW) – What is the best piece of advice you have ever been given, and who by?

Gi – Ooh, that’s a tough one. I don’t know who said it to me, but I live by the saying ‘kill it with kindness’. It keeps me calm in situations I otherwise wouldn’t be.

(WMW) – And now for the most serious and probing question of the whole interview. I know that you are a big GBBO fan, so… what would be your cake of choice to bake for Mary Berry?

 Gi – Aaaaah… I love cakes, but I’m not sure how I’d cope under the pressure of baking for the queen of cakes! Is it possible to have her bake instead? Then I could make us a cuppa while we sat, nattered and ate cake. Perfect.

Perhaps I am a little star struck, or overwhelmed by the reality of interacting with someone who clearly embraces every facet of life with a huge squishy hug and a glorious smile, but Giovanna Fletcher agreeing to this interview and being such a good sport, even when I nagged her to finish it, has utterly made my year.


  • Rebecca Haile Rebecca Haile says:

    Great interview. I think Giovanna is an excellent role model and well suited to WMW. I was so pleased to read this.

  • Charlotte Lee Charlotte Lee says:

    Love Giovanna! So pleased she did this for WMW, she always comes across as so lovely and genuine.

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