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Interview with Ashleigh Money Saving Expert

Ashleigh, who refers to herself as Ashleigh Money Saving Expert, set up a small Facebook page highlighting some great offers, glitches and money saving ideas that she had found. The page went from strength to strength and she became an over night internet sensation with over 80,000 likes. With all this support Ashleigh found the strength and the courage to turn her hobby into a career and handed in her notice. I caught up with her to see how it feels to be an inspiration to so many and to be able to turn a passion into self employment. Here’s what she had to say for herself.

WMW- So Ashleigh what made you start this page in the first place, why not keep all the bargains for yourself?

Ashleigh-I am a huge bargain hunter and I HATE paying full price. I was bargain hunting for myself because I was in part time low paid employment and I was trying to cut back everywhere. I would post all the discounts and savings I found on my personal Facebook page but a friend suggested one day I should make a group or page because I was good at bargain hunting and that’s when it all started!

WMW – Your page quickly grew and now has an amazing 80,000 plus likers. How does is feel to have become an internet sensation over night?

Ashleigh – Unreal! I still can’t believe something that started as a hobby to share amongst my friends has actually gone worldwide, I have people all over the world liking the page! I think one of the reasons it has been so popular is because people can relate to me. I’ve struggled and been made redundant at one point so I know exactly how real people feel and the struggles some people go through.

WMW – Due to the success of your page you have announced that you are about to quit the day job and do this full time. What made you decide to take this leap of faith?

Ashleigh – I am at a point where my page is growing so quick, it is doing so well and I love doing it but having a full time job I feel as though it isn’t reaching the potential it could be. I have talked about it for a while but I have been hesitant to do it because I’m just scared I will fall on my face but my family buy nolvadex uk online have been so supportive and told me just to take the chance or I will always regret it if i don’t.

WMW -How are you going to make a hobby that you provide for free work as a full time career without charging your followers?

Ashleigh – The website will have internet ads displayed and this should give me a small income and help to support my family and develop this into a full time career, while I get to do what I love doing and I am helping others save more money.

WMW – The success of your page has shown people that a clear dream and hard work really can pay off. How does it feel to be an inspiration to women everywhere?

Ashleigh – Iv never been called an inspiration to women before haha! Wow! I honestly have no words and that’s not like me!

WMW – What advice would you give to women who want to turn their hobbies into careers?

Ashleigh – At the risk of sounding clichéd, Never give up! There was a time when I was going to work all day then coming home, spending some time with the kids then once they were in bed i’d go straight on my page and start bargain hunting until all hours. I was so tired and felt like giving up because I done this for a year and didn’t earn a penny. But it was the messages I was receiving from people saying things such as ‘I would have gone under if it wasn’t for your money saving tips’ and ‘I can afford Christmas this year’ that made me realise how much I was helping people and kept me going. I am so glad I did and I am now so excited for the future.

WMW – Finally, what can we expect to see from you over the next 6 months?

Ashleigh – I have just created a Twitter page because not everyone was getting our updates on Facebook @AshleighMSE. My new website has just launched www.ashleighmoneysaver.co.uk and I want to get as much publicity as possible so I can continue to grow my brand and help all those people that haven’t came across my page yet.

WMW – Thankyou for you time Ashleigh, I have been following your page for a while and have already ordered a few Christmas gifts at bargain prices as a result. Keep up the good work and GOOD LUCK.



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