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An interview with Apprentice winner Dr Leah Totton

Beautiful, wonderfully friendly to interact with and a qualified physician, Dr Leah Totton is one woman that is a true embodiment of ‘having it all’. The 2013 winner of the BBC’s The Apprentice kindly agreed to speak to Women Make Waves about her business aspirations, fame and being a feminist.

WMW – You must still be in a state of shock after winning The Apprentice in 2013 and growing your career at such an exponential rate but what made you apply to begin with?

I was always a highly motivated and ambitious woman with a passion for bringing change. The Apprentice would give me not only the platform to become a spokesperson for safety in the industry but also the ability to set up a clinic and a brand which would champion safety and ethics in the cosmetic sector.

WMW –  As a qualified medical professional, were any of your family or friends surprised at your decision to apply for a reality television programme?

I am sure at the time they were surprised, most were aware that my business would be within the medical sector and one aimed around bringing change and improving patient safety as this is my passion.

WMW – You dealt with an onslaught of inappropriate comments and Internet trolls with incredible patience and grace, was that because you were focused entirely on the future and what the show could ultimately offer you, career-wise?

When you put yourself out there in the public eye you have to be prepared to deal with the negatives as well as the positives, at the end of the day it is my profile and my exposure from the Apprentice which has enabled me to shine a light on the lack of regulation in the non surgical sector and set up a highly successful medical clinic in the heart of London. Whilst I had to deal with some unpleasant trolling it was certainly a sacrifice worth making.

WMW – When the final came around, how confident were you that you would beat Luisa Zissman to the prize? Are you two still in touch at all?

I felt hopeful that I would, I believed in my business plan and felt confident in my ability to deliver it. I get on very well with Lu and did throughout.

WMW – Your Dr. Leah Cosmetic Skin Clinic looks beautiful, is it everything you were hoping for when Sir Alan said those magic words… ‘you’re hired’?

It is everything I was hoping for an more, I feel so lucky!

WMW – What made you choose to enter into the world of cosmetic medicine?

The non surgical sector was totally lacking in regulation, I saw an opportunity to make a positive change in the industry and set a standard.

WMW – Do you feel that you are, in a way, helping other women (and men) to become the best version of themselves?

I believe in the empowerment of women and there is no doubt that the procedures I offer help women feel more confident in their own skin.

WMW – You famously said that you will ‘probably never have Botox’. Why is that when it is one of the most popular treatments that you offer?

I never say never, at 26 I don’t feel I’m at the point of needing Botox, ask me again when I’m 40!

WMW – Would you consider yourself to be a feminist?

Absolutely, I am a proud feminist.

WMW – Do you think we truly can ‘have it all’? You have looks, success and love, can we all achieve as much?

I don’t think anyone ever feels they “have it all” but I do feel very lucky to be in the position I am. I believe in striving to be the very best you can be and fingers crossed the rest will fall into place.

For more information about products and service on offer at Dr Leah Totton’s clinic, please visit her website http://www.drleah.co.uk

Featured image courtesy of www.irishmirror.ie


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