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Insta- watch : Canopy Creative

I have taken to hopelessly daydreaming my life away on Instagram, and why not? There is nothing I love more than filling my empty moments with perfectly captured square slices of someone else’s. There are so many to choose from, it is said everyone has a book to write, well it would seem nowadays everyone has a gallery to shoot too.

Instagram for me is the perfect supplement for pondering silences whilst blowing into your tea, the thrill of finding someone who whispers into this tranquility with constant creativity is something sublime. It is the visual addicts twitter and I have no intention of going cold turkey.

That being said I am currently hooked on the instagram of a fantastic event styling and floral design business, Canopy Creative, a Brighton local that will home bake a cake, pick some dazzling dandies and deliver the both to your doorstep to accompany your lazy Sunday morning brew. All the while the adventure is captured in a dreamy powder of photographs by the founder Hannah Boulton and sent through the web world of mobile devices, to me sipping my own brew surrounding me in bloom bliss. This instagram is not only good for the soul but good for the idea engine; a sky of garden during dinner, frames of fresh flowers and the sudden urge to make your season must have a fresh bouquet. There’s no better way to get your creative juices going then by sharing in another’s triumphant showcases.

If you are local I highly recommend taking a peak for events, weddings, workshops and if you are far why not feel near in lavishing over the picturesque meadow of design.

Floral Frames via @HannahFrancesBoulton

Website: http://www.canopycreative.co.uk/

Instagram: @HannahFrancesBoulton

Twitter: @canopytea


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