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Insecurities? I Think Not

Being happy with the way you look and accepting the way you look are two different things that I don’t think I’ve learnt to actually do. The reason I share this with you all is because there’s been too many times that I’ve contemplated, ‘how do we actually get over our insecurities?’ You know, facing and actually overcoming our insecurities is way easier said than done.

Let’s say you’re insecure about your body shape, it’s not curvy or it’s too curvy and you just want to be slim or thicker, most people would say, “eat more” or “Work-out once in a while”. But, what if that doesn’t help? What do you do then? You’ve tried to overcome your insecurities and it didn’t work, what happens then? The health and advice guides don’t ever seem to go that far. Right now, you’re sitting face-to-face with all the things you don’t like much about yourself and there’s not much you can do…apart from accepting them.

As I type this, I am thinking to myself, ‘I’ve tried gaining weight many times and nothing happened…’ I then thought, maybe it’s just not meant to be. Maybe if I accept who I am, instead of focusing on how imperfect I am, I might just learn to love myself more and find less imperfections within myself. Try it, take this moment to actually accept yourself, your ‘flaws’, or insecurities. Maybe that’s the truth behind insecurities, maybe they are just a wall in our mind, blocking us from seeing the true beauty which lies within us. It never made sense when I found myself saying, “wow, I wish I had her hips, or smile…”, we’re each individually different from one another for a reason; our unique features is what makes us beautiful and it’s other people’s opinions that breaks that confidence and eventually has us doubting ourselves.

Let’s not forget our greatest enemy, the media. Beautiful body shapes, great smiles and clear faces like puberty has never reached them are forever blasted on our screens, which eventually has us looking at ourselves thinking…’Why don’t I look like that?’ Even though in the back of our mind we know that Photoshop has helped certain models look the way they are, we still find ourselves comparing our own features to these people. The media and opinions of non-sympathetic individuals has built the insecure wall in our mind and it is so strong, that it almost seems as though we can’t smash through it, but the truth is we can with a little bit of confidence and self love.

My intention wasn’t actually to try and empower all those who are insecure about themselves, but I guess as I was typing away, I realised how sick I was of my insecurities and how annoyed I was that media was portraying people who weren’t real. I refuse to aspire to be someone who isn’t me and I say everyone should do the same. Beauty is what lies within you, don’t let what others say or portray blur that perception, because your opinion and vision of yourself is more important than anything.


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