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Insanity creator’s latest project – Focus T25



Depending on whether your flatmates are the sharing type, one of the advantages to flat sharing can include the opportunity to share not only your home, but your belongings too. Thankfully, mine happily adopt the ‘sharing is caring’ attitude.

My most recent illustration of this wonderful fact involves Shaun T’s Focus T25 DVD box set, purchased by one of my lovely flatmates at a cost of £99.

Shaun T is an American fitness trainer famed for his Insanity workout. I had heard about Insanity a few times and gathered that it involved relatively short sessions (45 minutes to be exact), non-stop exercise and plenty of sweat.

Picture courtesy of http://shauntfitness.com/

Picture courtesy of http://shauntfitness.com/

But, being the stingy pauper that I am, after hearing it costs around £100 for the box set, I gave it a ‘no thanks, I’ll stick to my running shoes and free Fitness Blender online workouts’ (which are excellent by the way) and promptly forget about Insanity.

That is, until I walked into our living room one day and found one of my above-mentioned lovely flatmates, clad in workout gear, obediently hopping (‘low switch kicking’) to Shaun T’s smooth but forceful instructions.

Once lovely flatmate’s breath had returned to relatively normal pace, she explained her recent purchase of Shaun T’s new baby known as Focus T25 and began taking me through the workout guide, explaining the two cycles, Alpha and Beta.

All workouts are 25 minutes. You begin with the Alpha cycle for five weeks, doing one workout each day of the working week, with a double session on Friday. On completing the Alpha cycle, you then switch to the tougher Beta cycle. The workouts cover all the different areas of your body with sessions such as cardio, lower body and arms.

Lovely flatmate was sure to warn me of the sweatfest that was to take place once I embarked on the workout series. Duly warned, I began my Focus T25 journey.

Ten minutes into Core Cardio, my first session, and I was already shaking my head in disbelief, thinking up various excuses as to why the Photoshop-ripped beauty models in the DVD seemed to be conducting their ‘plank diagonal taps’ in sweat-free contentment, seemingly capable to continue for another hour or so.

“You’re just standing there, that’s not fair!” I moaned at Shaun T during a bout of breathy binge-complaining. Clearly lacking the gift of telepathy, Shaun T looked square in the camera and calmly motivated his audiences at home – “You know why you can do this? Because you’re on beta.”

All activity paused, along with my breathy complaints. “Beta? Beta?! Beta!”

Yes, in true typical fashion, I had made a careless yet deadly mistake – I had begun with the Beta cycle first, skipping five preparative weeks of Alpha workouts.

But, having a fear of quitting (or too much pride, depending on how you look at it), I was determined to continue. Needless to say, I pretty much collapsed at the end of it. And yes, a sweatfest it certainly was.

I soldiered on to complete one week of Focus T25 Beta cycle and I am now in my second week. The workout is fast and hard, but relatively easy to pick up. Shaun T may be firm, but all the best coaches are after all.

If you’re a stingy pauper like me, then it depends if you’re willing to pay the 100 quid for the box set. My advice is – if you’re bored of your exercise routine, or you’re looking to get motivated, and you’re pretty confident you can stick to the plan and really maximise the use of the DVDs, then it’s worth it. And if that doesn’t apply to you but you’re still mildly interested, then I hope that you have lovely, sharing, exercise-eager flatmates like me.


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