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The Imitation Game

First and foremost, I have to say – wow. I’ve just finished watching this film and can’t believe it’s taken me this long to see it. I was dying to watch it when it first came out at the cinema, but unfortunately life got in the way and I missed the chance. All I can say is that good things come to those who wait!

I’m going to start by saying I am a HUGE Benedict Cumberbatch fan, so that was an A+ from me straight away. As the storyline progressed however I realised just how incredible it was in its own right. Based on true events, The Imitation Game depicts how professor Alan Turing helped break the German’s enigma code during the second world war. Turing is shown to be extremely clever but incapably awkward when it comes to social interactions. Initially he sees his fellow cryptanalysts as being inferior to him and they struggle to get on. However, after meeting fellow clever-clogs Joan Clarke she is able to help Turing interact more and as a result the cryptanalysts are eventually able to break the code together and solve enigma.

The film had its emotional ups and downs. I think the most horrific part was the fact that, despite Turing saving millions of lives by creating his machine, he eventually ended up taking his own life because society would not accept him for being homosexual. I found this the hardest thing to think about as I don’t agree that anyone should be made to feel ashamed or alone just because they aren’t deemed to be ‘fitting the norms of the time’. Turing was a man who helped save millions and yet society at the time chose not to save him.

Since watching the film I have done some research on Bletchley and Alan Turing and I feel I should mention that critics have deemed the film to have over-exaggerated many of the key facts. This doesn’t come as a huge shock as I didn’t really expect any less from Hollywood. However, the basis of the story and the people within it are all still based on real people and I still think the film did a remarkable job of depicting them and sharing their story with the world.

Overall I thoroughly enjoyed watching The Imitation Game. I think that Benedict Cumberbatch portrayed Alan Turing superbly. His acting was brilliant and at times simply heartbreaking to watch. The history behind it all was fascinating and I found it a really interesting way to make people appreciate all that was done ‘behind-the-scenes’ during the second world war. So many secrets that were hidden for years and years from public knowledge… it’s one of those films that really makes you think.

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‘Sometimes it is the people no one imagines anything of who do the things that no one can imagine.’


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