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I’m a hypocrite, a fake AND the real me.

I’ve always been a bit of a snob when it comes to beauty. I used to snigger at the females in class that had plastered tangerine foundation onto their perfectly fine skin to create a mask of perceived beauty. I’d gaze at the girls with multi-coloured witchy nails and ponder at how they actually got dressed in a morning with such talons. I felt a little as though I was above all of that. Natural beauty and all.

Now I feel like such a hypocrite.

Whilst I don’t spend my spare hours spraying myself the perfect shade of bronze or having my feet buffed to perfection to reveal soft, beautiful soles, I have found solace in the world of beauty. Women (and indeed men) are often told they are phoneys for wearing ‘fake’ nails or having a ‘fake’ tan. They are told they are masking the real person within and portraying a bogus being. This may be true on some level. It may be the case that you get to know a lady and wake up with her one morning to realise that her bronzed skin is actually rather pale and her real nails aren’t that long. Or indeed, her hair isn’t actually that thick and luscious; like me.

In recent months, I’ve discovered the world of hair extensions. In my mid twenties, I may be a late bloomer to the concept, but I’ve never considered the notion as I haven’t needed to and, to be honest, I saw people using them as liars. But thanks to a recent spate of my hair breaking and falling out, my hair has become very fine, lifeless and downright embarrassing. With this, I began sinking into myself. I was nervous about what people thought. I was limited as to how to hide the horror I felt I carried on my head. I didn’t feel the confident, bubbly me I thought I was. How could something so small become such a heavy weight on my shoulders? Am I really so vain that I cannot get through a social gathering without the anxiety of the perfect ‘do?

Yes. I am. Because I am a hypocrite and a fake. I now feel the need to give my hair the life it needs to feel positive.

Now, I feel back to my old self. With a set of good quality hair extensions, I have been able to transform my look whilst still looking like the real me. I feel confident, strong and maybe even beautiful with my new locks. They give me an air of confidence I simply didn’t have with my hair condition as it is. Now, I understand it’s not about faking it with fashion or beauty, it’s about giving yourself the boost you need to enable you to feel strong. Whether you want to give your short lashes a boost for the perfect beautiful flutter, your pale skin a healthy looking glow, or indeed your hair a stunning thickening boost – why not? If these things enable you to be the real you and give you the confidence to really show your true personality, it’s not faking it at all.

The beauty on the outside allows you to show the beauty you have on the inside. It’s giving you the opportunity to shine.


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