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I’m gay get over it

I’m gay get over it !!

I still don’t understand how in this day and age people still get their knickers in a twist over two people loving each other. I myself am open to anything and don’t have a problem with either sex liking each other. The thing that makes me sick is the naivety of others, who use religion or family values to undermined two people in love with each other. If anything God told his disciples to love one another, that’s all we are doing! I can understand people having there own opinion which I fully support, but don’t turn that opinion into anger and action, by forming homophobic groups and communities!

Love should be something everyone can share and be apart of, why segregate certain people in the community? Every child that is born deserves love and if that love comes in the form of a man loving a man then it should be accepted, and vice versa. If you take away the love all that is left is hatred. So next time you think of passing judgement just imagine if that was your child or family member being judged for the way they love.




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