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I’ll do anything to lose weight

Except eat well and exercise. Of course you’ll probably never hear someone say this, but this is exactly what they are saying when they talk about a fad diet or some diet pill.

My views on the obesity epidemic and body weight are very clear to people who know me. I am also what some sensitive and PC-mad people would call a ‘fat shamer’ because I do not think it is acceptable for an average human being to weigh considerably more than a baby elephant,  which is on average 200lbs. Tess Holiday, the “plus size” model, weighs 280lbs. In my opinion, that should be shameful. But that is a different article all together.

It seems to me that today’s society enables overweight humans because it’s easier than telling it like it is. This idea extends to the journey of losing weight. Now as much as I think it’s wrong and irresponsible, both medically and socially, to be grossly overweight or morbidly obese (unless you genuinely, and I mean genuinely, have a medical condition and a person hasn’t gotten that way through greed and laziness) I would never criticise anyone for wanting to lose weight. They are trying to better themselves and they deserve support and respect. I just don’t understand those people who mock and tease overweight people in the gym – it’s counterproductive and I speak up and stand up for people when I see it in real life.

However, there are people who want to lose weight who do infuriate me – they still have my respect and support for wanting to lose weight, but they need some serious education and a hard dose of reality. And it’s the people who go on fad diets or take diet pills.

This is seen as the ‘easy’ way out. It’s easier to pop a pill than to work out. It’s easier to only eat a certain food group or only drink a diet milkshake all day rather than learn about nutrition and how to cook. In the technological age we live in now there is no excuse not to learn – the Internet is a limitless stream of information! Literally everything the human race knows as a collective species is on the internet. You don’t even have to look hard! But no, many, many people choose to lose weight the wrong way by sacrificing real food for gimmicky fad diets, most of which are nutritionally unbalanced to the point of malnutrition. But it’s the easiest route, so people do it and promote it. When it inevitably fails, the person simply jumps on another band wagon of a different fad diet and repeats the cycle. It’s downright stupidity and laziness.

Then there are the pill-poppers. I can certainly see how a magical pill that does all the work for you would be tempting – but things that seem too good to be true often are.  A lot of these pills are quite dangerous, some are untested and there have even been deaths reported due to the misuse of these tablets. It’s not worth the risk to your body and life to take them. But let’s pretend that they aren’t completely dangerous, they still shouldn’t be used. Losing weight can be difficult – but the journey is part of what makes the result so worthwhile.

Yes it might be hard in the beginning, but it gets easier. Don’t be one of those people who says that they’ll do anything to lose weight and then look for the easy way out – because it doesn’t exist. You’ll just waste your time, effort and money. Instead eat well and move your body more. Do not give up on foods you love, just learn about moderation. It’s ok to eat chocolate and cake and pizza (I LOVE pizza) and anything else you like – but just not all the time. YouTube (to name only one place of 1000’s) is a great source for healthy recipes and workout videos. I deeply recommend Blogilates.

If you want to lose weight then all power to you, but I implore you – please, do it right and do it safely.


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