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It’s time to full fill your dreams, work yourself up and find your dream career. 

(This involves all of you and not just graduates, trust me.)

Or isn’t it that easy? Well, from what I’ve experienced, not really. Having been in education all my life and having recently graduated in July, I feel like my path has come to a halt.

Not trying to sound completely negative of it because it has been great since I finished, got time to spend with my loved ones, go on a mini holiday, sort my head out, decide what to do but yet I feel like getting out there is really difficult. Especially being a third culture kid, there are both limitations and freedom that comes with that, I can move anywhere, go anywhere and decide what I want to do for myself, but it still stays in your mind that you have to consider where you’re going, what you’ll do to somehow work around your loved ones. Ever since a few months before finishing on the course and presenting my final degree show I applied and applied for jobs, countless times. Yet 3/4 of my applications weren’t replied to, which helps… It’s a tedious part of life but it can also be fun, well for me anyway, I absolutely love and enjoy writing and I found the cover letters especially in the Design and creative field to be quite interesting. I could write about what I felt passionate about and what I wanted out of my career and myself. Getting myself excited for the future but then getting no reply from the job, and putting yourself back into a slump again…

People take on degrees and study continuously, hoping to get a good and great paying job yet it seems an impossible leap at the end when everything comes to a halt because you’re in competition with about a million others. So mostly, all the hard work and late nights have been proven a test with no security at the end. Yeah sure, you can’t expect jobs to come flying, but I thought it would’ve been a little easier. Having studied Visual merchandising myself, I thought would open a lot of gates, I studied and acquired so many skills in the design industry but no, that would be no good if you haven’t got years of experience.

Maybe not everyone who reads articles on ‘Women make Waves’ are at this stage right now, but it comes hand in hand with ‘careers’ in general. This is relevant to anyone reading, trust me.

After graduation, college or high school, everything comes to a halt unless you have a job, but I bet that, you, yes you, reading this right now, you’re wondering what it would be like to follow your dreams, or work hard to get promoted or trying to get up the ladder by getting loads of experience but we’re all in the same boat. To me, every time you change jobs, lose a job, get a new job, get promoted, find new ventures and opportunities it’s like graduating all over again. It’s another step forward or stationary part in your life that may be amazing or stressful. 

I don’t think that there are enough articles mentioning people’s personal experiences in this part of life and what they do to get to where they are or where they want to be, sharing these experiences would be fun to read and more engaging because we can all take a part of it with us and in turn help us with our journey.

This is when life becomes your matter and choice but it also becomes the hard and stressful part of your future which will probably stay with you for the rest of your adult life.

Stay connected as I will put more advice and job experiences in some of my articles.


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