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Okay, I am sitting here on this beautiful (albeit hot) Saturday afternoon thinking about what women look for in a man. And, what do men look for in a woman. So, I can come up with some thoughts just on the top: First, he has to be a God-fearing man, have respect for women, hopefully, a well-adjusted relationship with his mother (and, Ladies, you know why I said this specifically). There are those men who have a wonderful (in their eyes) relationship with their mother, but it’s not always healthy. And, I also don’t mean a “Mama’s boy” because not all of them are excessively so. But, the ones that are tend to side with their mothers on any issue that may arise between the two of you. Or drop you like a bad habit because their mother don’t like you instead of staying with you for him.  These are the ones that do everything their mother tells them. Maybe, I should just label this as “Mommy issues”. Heck, some women have “Daddy issues”.  Furthermore, he would have to have a sense of humor, be family-oriented, hard working, be able to relax, know how to take care of business and not be afraid to tackle problems with positive solutions, tall (well, it’s funny that I mention how I prefer tallness in a man considering I am only 5’2” LOL!), sophisticated and down to earth. He’s got to be comfortable in his own skin.

I want a gentleman who knows what he wants, aren’t afraid to ask for it, and to treat me like the queen I am, and I in turn, I will treat him like the king he is. I don’t want to be the one to wear the pants, but I am not up for being a door mat either. Someone who is smart with their money, but not thrifty either. One thing I’ll give my father credit for was that he always knew how to treat my mother to a good time. He had no qualms in treating her to the best restaurants, or beautiful gifts (be it her birthday, Mother’s Day, Christmas, Valentine’s, and sometimes, just because).

They made sure to take time out from the kids and their jobs and go to Vegas on an annual basis to celebrate New Year’s Eve. They would come back with pictures of them looking beautiful! My mother had this knack of dressing so womanly, sexy (but, not overly so), and classy. If you can picture it, you know what I mean. Think Jackie Kennedy. That’s my mother’s style. It’s this picture of her dressed in a white skirt suit (it had to be 1966) and she even had the white pill-box hat to go with it. She had all of us kids (yep, 5 of us) dressed up in our Easter Sunday best. And, she was BEAUTIFUL!  So, yes, I’ll admit it that I hope I’ve gathered my sense of style from her. Although, I can be a little more daring than she, but the combination of it all (from matching my shoes to the earrings I wear), it is a matter of putting together one’s wardrobe to encompass their personality and style.

So, I digress a smidge and now getting back on track: the qualities that we look for in men. He should also be good with kids. Now, mind you, mine are grown, but when the grandchildren start coming, that trait is all important. SMILE! What are the main components that you look for in a man? How much, as women, do we differentiate from each other in the qualities we look for in a man? And, what does a man look for in a woman? Don’t be afraid, ladies, to express your thoughts on this matter.

For all that I mentioned above, I know that we realize that no one is perfect. So, if there was a man out there that met most of your qualifications, would you accept him? Just food for thought…


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